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I Received a Fake Summons from the SAT for Tax Evasion After Trying to Sell My Timeshare

In recent years, timeshare owners have been targeted by scam companies posing as reliable intermediaries for reselling these properties. These companies use deceptive tactics to obtain contact information and trick customers with false promises. Here’s how these scams operate and how you can protect yourself from them.

The Scam Method

  1. Obtaining Information: Fraudulent companies acquire lists of...
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What is wrong with the timeshares business? In this article, we will discuss popular questions and doubts related to the timeshare sale industry: is a timeshare worth it? You may be wondering, and the truth is it depends on many factors.

Usually the answer does not turn to be really positive. Here in this Forbes article, the threats...

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Timeshare Scam Companies: Learn about Timeshare Scams In Mexico

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The words "timeshare scams in Mexico" are flooding the internet more and more every day. Do you know who the resorts usually target? How will the salespeople determine the membership you will be sold? This and more questions will be answered in this article.

Timeshare scam companies - The budget

Timeshare salespeople are aware that many vacationers...

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