FRAUDULENT Timeshare Companies [Guide to avoid them]

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If you are thinking of purchasing a timeshare, you have to learn about many situations that you face with it. Having a timeshare is a big economic responsibility and often unnecessary.

Today, many owners are looking to get rid of their timeshares with the help of professional companies. However, several fake companies are engaged in timeshare fraud.

Why get rid of a timeshare?

Getting out of a timeshare can be very difficult. When a person buys a timeshare, they are buying a share of real estate, where they normally deal with tourist condominiums.

But, in recent years, the number of timeshare owners who regret their purchase has increased. You need to be aware of the main reasons why owners no longer want to keep their timeshare.

Timeshare owners have shared several common reasons why a timeshare is no longer attractive to them. Here are some:

  • Maintenance fees are too high
  • They realize that a timeshare is not a financial investment
  • A well-planned vacation can be cheaper
  • They do not make constant use of their timeshare

Ways to get out of a timeshare.

It has been proven that buying a timeshare is not a good idea. People who buy a timeshare, do so with the idea that they are making a good financial investment, but this is not the case.

There are several ways to get out of a timeshare but not all of them are good options. Some are difficult to achieve and others are just a slow process. The most common options that exist to get out of a timeshare are:

  • Sell: this process is one of the most difficult because finding someone interested in acquiring a timeshare is very complicated.

    A financial liability as large as a timeshare is not something attractive that can be easily sold. It is also important to take into account that the resale prices are very low, which does not lead you to generate any profit.

  • Donate: this process is complicated, since there are not many organizations that can take so much economic weight.

  • Rent: this process often turns out to be one more scam. At the time of granting your property for a certain time, it may not return to your hands. It is a very risky way to get out of a timeshare.

  • Cancel – This is the best option to completely get rid of a timeshare without hurting anyone. It is a legal process, so it is a bit time-consuming, but it is the safest way to get out of a timeshare.

Fraudulent timeshare companies.

Mexico is one of the most iconic places in the timeshare world. This country has become one of the most attractive tourist places for national and international tourists.

However, it is also for this reason that it has become the country with the most fraudulent timeshare companies.

These companies are dedicated to selling contracts based on lies and false promises about future benefits for you.

There are several stories where owners have had problems with their timeshares. All these people were victims of a company offering them attractions they did not deliver.

Most of these stories share the process of how a timeshare, over time, becomes a problem in their lives.

That is why they look for a way to get out of that problem quickly ,but quickly is not a good idea.

If you are looking for a way to get out of a timeshare as quickly as possible, it can lead you to more easily fall for the attractions that fake companies offer to help you.

These companies use a very peculiar way to get your attention. From the first approach, they are insistent on you to allow them to work with them.

They promise many things that can benefit you, but these promises, are never kept. It is common for sellers interested in your timeshare to use aggressive marketing tactics of persuasion.

Most of these companies ask for money upfront to be able to fulfill their promises and this is the most false test there is. You do not have to pay in advance for a service that has not been completed.

Legally it is very difficult to get out of a timeshare, these processes take time and that is why it is necessary to seek help so that the service is finished first, and then a fair amount is charged.

This is why you must be clear about the scenarios that may arise when you want to cancel your timeshare.

Resorts Blacklist

Several timeshare owners have shared complaints, experiences, and comments about scams from some resorts and scam companies.

At Mexican Timeshare Solutions, a blacklist of all the most popular resorts has been created due to owner complaints.

This list demonstrates how various companies have scammed clients out of their timeshares. You must take the time to review the list so that you are aware of the top hotels with the most complaints of poor timeshare customer service.

It is recommended that if you are interested in buying a timeshare or already have one and have questions about your timeshare, you take the time to carefully read some other people's experiences that can help.

Avoid timeshare scams

Lately, it's easy to get help when you want to cancel a timeshare. There are several companies dedicated specifically to the cancellation of timeshares.

At Mexican Timeshare Solutions, we have a professional team that ensures the cancellation of your timeshare.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the field. We are a company that does not charge upfront and offers a free consultation.

Do not hesitate to receive help from professionals to legally cancel your timeshare.

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