Timeshare resale market: Why are prices so low on it?

Most timeshare owners that want to get out of their timeshares, usually their first choice is to sell it, but selling a timeshare is not as easy as it sounds and barely holds a financial value on the resale market. On the other hand, the more savvy buyers have benefitted from the low prices and huge selection of the timeshare resale market. Read this article to know why are prices so low on the timeshare resale market.

 Buying a Timeshare on the resale market

You can find timeshares on the resale market for a lower price than the initial purchase price. But when you buy a timeshare on the resale market, you need to take in consideration that you don’t only have to pay the price, there are more costs involved, for example: the maintenance fees.

It is important to understand that timeshare is not an investment; you are only purchasing the right to use the property for a period of time.

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Selling a Timeshare on the resale market

As we know, there are no easy ways to sell a timeshare. One of the timeshare complaints is that they are almost impossible to sell.

Some people choose to sell their timeshares on eBay, but if you take a look, there are at least 1200 timeshare units listed, and the numbers are increasing every day. You can find timeshares for pennies, besides there is a big list of units.

Selling a timeshare takes time and is costly, that’s why many timeshare owners are scammed by timeshare resale companies. These companies ask you for an upfront fee, and as soon as they have your money, you won’t hear from them again.

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Why are prices so low on the timeshare resale market?

Timeshares lose more than 50% of their original price at the moment timeshare agreement is signed.

The bad economy and the horrible reputation that timeshare properties have gained during years, represent the biggest difficulties when selling timeshares.

To understand why are prices so low on the timeshare resale market we need to know that the main reason is that the supply greatly exceeds the demand, which means it won’t be easy to sell a timeshare fast, and that’s why timeshare owners list their timeshares for a lower price than the original purchase price.

A big number of timeshare owners desperate to dump their properties because they can’t pay the maintenance fees or annual fees any more, choose to list their timeshares on the resale market. But the problem is that the resale value of the timeshare ownership is much less than the timeshare owner would expect.

The reality is that trying to sell a timeshare is nothing but a waste of time and money. If you are in this situation and need to give away of your timeshare, the best solution is to cancel the timeshare. Timeshare cancellation has many advantages, but the most important: no more payments.

 Contact Mexican Timeshare Solutions for a free consultation in your situation, so we can explain you how we can help you cancel your timeshare contract, best of all, you don’t have to pay any upfront fees. You pay until you are free of timeshare, this is our guarantee.

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