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How can I cancel my time share?

The typical timeshare cost comes across as being actually fair; in exchange for the benefits the owners expect for owning the portion of property. It doesn't matter if they got it in a resort or in a timeshare resale on the internet.

Besides this, putting the property for rent or donation is what they have as an option or getting help from the best timeshare lawyers they can find to obtain a timeshare exit solution.

The owners who were just convinced to buy and sometimes pushed to buy a timeshare in a luxurious resort may think it will be a good investment, until it is time for the monthly fees, taxes and extra costs, even worse when a timeshare owner realizes he has to pay those charges for the next 30 or 40 years, or whatever the owner acquired the timeshare for.

Timeshare cancellation, it's a huge topic among timeshare owners along with timeshare resale.

It is believed that the average timeshare cancellation rate is about 15% basically the same as the daily percentage of people buying an ownership after a timeshare presentation.

Owners tend to experience regret spending money in a timeshare purchase 85% of times, accompanied by feelings of confusion, distrust and intimidation.

A lot of data was found in Jeff Weir's investigation, attending to an ARDA conference, known as the American Resort Development Association. ARDA is the Washington, DC-based voice and lobbying arm for the timeshare industry.

You can take a look at the article "Should timeshare owners care about ARDA world?"

The main question our clients have in order to get rid of a timeshare is how can I cancel my time share? It's really a matter of time they come and ask for a timeshare exit solution, but timeshare cancellation tends to be the last thing people opt for.

Usually, the timeshare resale market it's the first place they get help from, without many results.

The risk of timeshare resales

When timeshare owners realize about the exaggerated charges among other issues, they start looking for the resale value on the internet, and more than often what they find is resale companies offering their services on the buy and resale.

Can I cancel my time share? People asking for help in such companies basically get scammed.

Desperate for getting rid of their timeshare or looking for a way to ditch their properties, they tend to contact such services. They may think it's a fast timeshare exit solution when the truth is different for this.

The timeshare industry salespeople have found a way to keep increasing their economy working with the resale of timeshares, declaring it's the best way to sell the ownership that people don't want to keep paying for.

Like we explained, one of the main reasons people decide to rescind from their timeshare properties is the exaggerated monthly payments, and some other surprise extra charges.

The reality is that timeshare salespeople are masters of manipulation and basically do all the job in the deceiving business of timeshare; they claim that they have spotted a person interested in your property, who will give you a good deal in exchange for your used timeshare.

This may sound too good to be true, but be alert, if they refuse to reveal the buyer's personal information or other details and ask you to pay an upfront fee, this is a sign of scam.

The Article 56 by PROFECO

Is there a legal way I can cancel my time share? It is known that as a foreign person, PROFECO protects you as a consumer with a Mexican recession law.

Office of the Federal Prosecutor for the Consumer, better known as PROFECO, is the consumer protection agency whose purpose is to strengthen consumer rights.

There is a department to protect consumers against abuses or fraud by Mexican companies.

Many timeshare scam victims that purchased a timeshare under the Mexican law target to this department that should be able to help you to  get out of a timeshare contract in Mexico in case you suspect you've been hoaxed or have found out that you were victim of a scam.

You should be aware to avoid canceling your Mexican timeshare after the rescission period, since you've only got a few days to take action in provision of PROFECO works with your case.

The limit is five business days in order to get help and make your rights valid as stated in the article 56 by PROFECO

As it is indicated by the article 56 by PROFECO (Federal Consumer Protection Law), you have to follow some steps like mailing a cancellation request letter with details on how you feel you have been deceived.

We recommend you to read the archive, so you can be up to date with your rights in a different country.

It can happen that some timeshare, this 5-day period it's past due. Several timeshare owners realize too late that they have been scammed from salespeople when making a timeshare purchase and even lied to.

Often, they claim the seller never gave a warning of such a short period to rescind from the contract. If you are in this situation, you may be looking for the best timeshare lawyers available. Although this can take longer. We let our clients know that it's still possible to cancel it.

If you are looking for the best timeshare lawyers, we are a company that helps timeshare purchasers who are suspicious they were scammed.

Our associates have several years of experience in the timeshare industry and are able to resolve any timeshare scam cases in Mexico, including helping you to cancel a timeshare membership.

We can guide you in canceling if you are still on time to apply the article 56 by PROFECO and even if you are out of time.

Contact us for a free consultation and full advice on your timeshare matter, no upfront frees, we only collect fees when the contract is cancelled.

To receive more information about best timeshare lawyers, send a WhatsApp to +52 1 333 239 6589, fill in the form in the contact section or call us at +1 714 277 3662.

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