Timeshare Rental Business: Can I Rent my Timeshare?

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Is it possible to rent my timeshare? In the travel and tourism industry there are many businesses related to timeshare and a popular one is timeshare rentals and the many questions owners ask in order to get rid of their properties, or at least win back some of the money they invested on the ownership.

One of the popular doubts people have is, "can I rent my time share?" They tend to do research on "how to rent out your timeshare" and just hope for the best.

If you're an owner, you must know it's very easy to be deceived from people contacting you and "advising" you how to rent your timeshare

Also, the people who look for how to rent a timeshare are the ones who are not really interested on investing great amounts of money on an ownership, but at the same time want to use a timeshare once in a while and decide they want to rent one.

Another way they believe to be trustworthy for renting is if they rent timeshare from owners, although we don't think its either a reliable option.

But actually the majority of people in the rent my timeshare search are the same people who tried to sell it back to the resort and help was denied.

This leads the owners to be desperate and do anything to ditch the timeshare.

They often wonder how can I rent my timeshare? Since they don't want to keep up with the high fees of owning a timeshare anymore.

If you find yourself in this situation, and you're looking for how to rent out your timeshare, keep reading this article, as we will advise you on what to do and what not, hopefully to prevent you from a financial disaster.

Timeshare Rental Companies

If you're a timeshare owner, these companies will advise you about how to rent out your timeshare, and they guarantee you can find other individuals who will use it paying a good amount of money for rent.

They tell you they will advertise the unit when you ask them "can you rent my timeshare?"

This sounds pretty much like a timeshare resale scam. A timeshare owner who is looking to sell is cold called from someone who presents himself as real state specialized in timeshare resales and claims having contacts ready to purchase.

After pushing the client to pay an upfront fee, the scammer disappears, and it's too late for the owner to have his money back.

Cold calling is a big red flag in those cases. No one with legal business ever contacts you first and gives you an offer that appears too good to be true.

This is the same case with a timeshare rental company. Many people looking how to rent their timeshare also fall for this fraud.

Some others opt to rent timeshares from owners which ends up similarly as the ones mentioned before. A fraudulent method.

How the Scam Works

Another common scam, like the timeshare resale, are the timeshare rental companies.

Salespeople in the travel industry have found a way to scam people who are looking for how to rent their timeshare from the comfort of their phones or homes y posting properties advertisements which don't exist, aren't for rent, or don't actually look like the pictures posted.

They call themselves agents, or brokers commonly exaggerating the benefits, how the units look and promising comfort, privacy and small fees to clients and tourist.

Same as the timeshare resale tactics, the false "owner" or a timeshare rental company pushes customer to buy, posting a great offer, and also implying the property is on high demand from other people.

Not allowing clients to do enough research on how to rent other timeshare units.

Beware of the advertisements about rent timeshares from owners, since this is also part of the same ownership scams, they just post it differently, so people searching for how to rent a timeshare, fall for it easily.

Prevent Yourself From Fraud

Check the seller or company is legit. Confirm the phones numbers are real.

Find reviews. Checking the background, you can try and look up the timeshare rental company's name or seller's name on blogs and websites like Tripadvisor, Redweek or Complaints Board, where you most likely will find bad comments from people who asked "how to rent my timeshare" before you.

TUG BBS it's a timeshare discussion Blog where you'll find legitimate experiences from owners.

Talk with the buyer. Get the buyer on the phone and ask detailed questions. Be on the alert for a buyer who can't answer those questions it may be a phony.

Some scammers and timeshare rental companies commonly operate from across the country, so it's easier to vanish after the fraud.

A common topic is "rent my time share" on Craigslist, eBay or sites which do not quite validate the username don't risk your money and avoid doing business.

Consider the average price in your area. Be suspicious when looking how to rent a timeshare and finding the prices too good to be true, scammers tend to promise the vacation rentals for really high prices.

Look into the listing you are considering and if it's much higher than others in the area, this is a red flag.

Be careful how you transfer money. Do not wire transfer money or pay timeshare rental companies with prepaid card, not to mention sending cash.

They use this payment method because once you pay, you won't get it back and they will vanish. 

These tips all apply if you want to know how to rent your timeshare and advertise it. The danger of being scammed is the same.

So you might as well just cancel it now that you know it's not a great idea, don't think twice and give us a call. You can contact us here, and we will help you to get rid of your timeshare contract in a legal way

Mexican Timeshare Solutions is a legitimate company that works under a contingency basis and don't collect any fees until you timeshare contract is properly cancelled, otherwise, no fees are charged.

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