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Avoid Timeshares: Here's Why

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Have you ever considered acquiring a timeshare property? You're not alone; a timeshare plan is perfect for people who frequently travel to a specific destination, are looking for shorter vacations, or whose vacation weeks don't change regularly.

However, something that many don't think about is the profitability of a timeshare. A timeshare...

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Timeshare Fraud: The Hidden Risks of Timeshares

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Timeshare has become a very important business in the world of tourism. In Mexico, the United States and other American countries, timeshares are a convenient way of vacationing for tourists.

By purchasing a timeshare, people can travel for a specific time each year to a desired tourist location.

This sounds great until you realize what goes...

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Timeshare Rental Business: Can I Rent my Timeshare?

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Is it possible to rent my timeshare? In the travel and tourism industry there are many businesses related to timeshare and a popular one is timeshare rentals and the many questions owners ask in order to get rid of their properties, or at least win back some of the money they invested on the ownership.

One of the popular doubts people...

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