TIMESHARE FEES – Is the Raising Dollar Affecting the Timeshare Owners?

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It is well known that timeshares are expensive purchases, not only for the initial purchase price, but also for all the timeshare fees.

With the rising dollar, the economy of Canadians and Mexicans has been affected. Read this article to know if the raising dollar is affecting the timeshare owners.

Timeshares are not a good purchase at all, because you pay an unbelievable purchase price and additional fees to own the right to use it. We have already read about timeshare fees in:

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Types of Timeshare Fees

A timeshare purchase is not only what you buy at the moment at the timeshare presentation, there are many fees involved when you buy timeshares being the next the most common types of timeshare fees:

Timeshare maintenance fees: These fees are annual payments that cover the expenses of the resort. Usually, these maintenance fees do not stay fixed, they highly increase every year.

Timeshare special assessment fees:These fees are unexpected; you don’t know when an assessment fee is going to be charged. They cover damage or renovations to the resort.

Timeshare transfer fees: These fees are charged when you want to do a timeshare transfer to give it to someone else.

Timeshare membership fees: These fees are charged when the resort offer you extra benefits but with a cost.

Timeshare trading fees: These fees are charged when you try to do a timeshare exchange, and if you decided to use a timeshare exchange company, it will charge you more fees.

As you can see, the payment of a timeshare does not end with the fully pay of the membership, there are also many other payments to do, that’s why a timeshare is not cheap at all.


Timeshare Fees – Is The Raising Dollar Affecting The Timeshare Owners?

We all know that the American dollar it is rising, affecting the economy of Mexican and Canadian people, being those the third part of timeshare purchasers.

With the raising dollar, it is becoming very difficult for these timeshare owners to keep paying for their timeshare memberships, and this happens because timeshare fees increase every year even during this poor economy.

The majority of timeshare owners can no longer afford the payments of the timeshare, and they are looking to dump this timeshares.

Some are only to stop paying the timeshare fees, and others are looking to sell their timeshares.

But the only effective way to get rid of a timeshare and no longer have to pay timeshare fees is by the timeshare cancellation.

If you properly cancel your timeshare ownership, there is no way you have to pay anymore to the timeshare resort. Timeshare cancellation is the only effective way to cut all the strings attached to the resort.

At Mexican Timeshare Solutions, we guarantee that your timeshare will be cancelled.

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