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TIMESHARE FEES – Is the Raising Dollar Affecting the Timeshare Owners?

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It is well known that timeshares are expensive purchases, not only for the initial purchase price, but also for all the timeshare fees.

With the rising dollar, the economy of Canadians and Mexicans has been affected. Read this article to know if the raising dollar is affecting the timeshare owners.

Timeshares are not a good purchase ...

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How to Buy a Timeshare to Avoid FRAUD? Smart Steps

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If you are someone who enjoys vacationing in the same spot during a certain season of the year, then buying a timeshare might be an option to take into consideration, but first you need to know how to buy a timeshare properly in order to save thousands of dollars.

Read this article to learn more about timeshare ownership and if it’s...

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