Timeshare Vacation Packages: Another timeshare SCAM

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Timeshare Vacation packages have become a huge advertising hook used by timeshare scammers to target potential victims. Learn more about this fraud and how to detect it

You have won a free vacation! Thousands of people are receiving calls, letters, emails and postcards containing such news.

Are they for real? Well, first, nothing in life is free, and second, if it sounds too good to be true, it is very likely that it is.  

Timeshare Vacation packages and special deals have become a new way of selling timeshares.

Just like in fishing, these offers are designed to hook potential victims into one of the biggest scams that have been running to date.

Our advice: Do not take the bait! Protect yourself from being scammed, the more you know about this, the fewer chances you have to fall into it.


Timeshare Vacation Packages and Gifts

Travel agencies offer attractive timeshare vacation packages to their clients, which increases their sales.

A vacation package combines hotel stays with flights and other services for one price.

They represent a great opportunity to save money and time when planning a vacation on your own.

Legitimate vacation packages can be a big threat to the timeshare industry, being that you can actually save more money using these good deals, than buying a timeshare.

Because of the popularity these travel packages have gained, several timeshare developers have decided to make use of them to target potential victims.

People who are 35-72 years old, own their home and take regular vacations are the biggest targets.

Normally, these “last minute” offers are accompanied by the following phrase:

"YOU HAVE WON A FREE VACATION: Congratulations! You have been chosen from a select few people as an award winner and have received a free vacation package” 

Most of the time, these deals are usually offered by telephone, email, internet publicity and personalized postcards. These are the most common promised prices:

  • A free vacation package
  • Free stays
  • Free cruise getaway
  • Plane tickets are free
  • Discount tickets for activities

Sounds quite appealing, right? But there is a catch: all you have to do is attend a “sales presentation”. Once you attend the presentation, you may pick up your “prizes”.

Timeshare presentations

This is when things get ugly. Vacation packages are usually a “sales presentation trap”. In order to get the free vacation, the vacationers must attend a long and high-pressure timeshare presentation.

Sometimes, the victims are not even aware of this. We have heard from some of our clients that they were subjected to bullying and other deceitful sales practices from the agents.

Another tactic they use is telling you that before getting your price, you have to join a “Travel Club” for an “X” amount of money, or that you have to pay a “service fee”, being that it is a last minute offer, and you have to reserve the opportunity.

Tips to avoid being scammed

First things first: You will not get a free vacation. Let’s remember that timeshare salespeople make loads of verbal promises with no written documentation. Don’t believe everything you hear. If the offer sounds too good to be true, it propably is.

If you fit the profile mentioned before, you might receive one of these offers.

In order to protect yourself and your financial situation, you must be prepared. Follow the next tips to avoid being scammed by these fraudulent companies:

  • Google the name of the company before you sign anything
  • Ask as many detailed questions as possible
  • DO NOT provide your credit card number or bank information
  • Don’t feel pressured into taking the deal
  • Watch out for hidden fees
  • If you are feeling doubtful, just say “No” and hang up

By following those simple tips, you will keep yourself from being scammed.

About timeshares

Timeshares are a good option for specific groups of people with specific travel and vacation desires.

Even though many timeshare owners are happy with their purchases, there are millions of others who feel they were scammed.

There is nothing wrong with the whole idea of timeshares, but the timeshare industry has gained a terrible reputation due to the salespeople’s lack of ethics and fraudulent sales practices.

Because of the enormous profits that timeshares represent for timeshare resorts, they always innovate the way to sell timeshares, but the sales tactics don’t stop being high-pressure and dishonest.

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