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Rules of Timeshare CANCELLATION: Tips and Warnings

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Time shares can become a huge financial problem for those who have bought one, and don’t know what to do with it.

Should they sell it, donate it, rent it or cancel the contract? The truth is that the cancellation of the contract has always been the best and most viable solution to get out of a timeshare legally.

Therefore, it is...

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How Do Timeshares Work? A Guide to Understand

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Before considering buying a timeshare, it is important to understand what a timeshare is, and how it works and the responsibilities that this purchase would imply.

Timeshares can be a terrific purchase for some families, but they can also be a giant rip off for others.

50 years ago, also known as Holiday Home Sharing or timeshare travel, timeshares...

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Timeshare Vacation Packages: Another timeshare SCAM

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Timeshare Vacation packages have become a huge advertising hook used by timeshare scammers to target potential victims. Learn more about this fraud and how to detect it

You have won a free vacation! Thousands of people are receiving calls, letters, emails and postcards containing such news.

Are they for real? Well, first, nothing in life is...

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