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TIMESHARE RESALE Market: Why is Always a FRAUD?

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Are timeshares worth it?

It is widely known that tourism is a very large field for productivity and for doing business as well in the United States as in Mexico.

It is common to find a timeshare as part of this business world, which is commonly presented as a great option for vacation to exotic destinations, having your own suite available...

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The Timeshare Resale Business [UNDER INVESTIGATION]

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The timeshare industry it's been a huge thing in the tourism business since the early 70's in the United States of America.

For sure, it has made history since it comes as a different way to possess a property.

You basically own a fraction of a property where significant savings are obtained with discounts on conventional rates, which...

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If you are thinking of selling a timeshare, you need to be cautious with the timeshare resale companies.

If one of these companies offers you to resell your timeshare fast, be skeptic about it and educate yourself about how do timeshare resales work?

Timeshare resale can be a controversial subject because most of the resorts sell...

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How to Verify if a Timeshare RENTAL COMPANY is LEGITIMATE

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Timeshare rental scams are one of the numerous timeshare scams that happen day by day.

There are several cases where the timeshare owner is scammed twice when trying to rent the
timeshare ownership, is for that reason, people must know how to verify if a timeshare rental company is legitimate.

When buying a timeshare, timeshare salespeople...

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Buy TIMESHARES – What’s The BIG RISK About It?

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The timeshare industry keeps getting a bad reputation, and yet there are many people who still pay thousands of dollars for them.

In fact, time shares are one of the top sellers in the hotel industry; however, that doesn’t make them a good purchase.

Learn more about timeshare scams and why buying timeshares might not be a wise financial...

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Timeshare Sales Agreement

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The Timeshare industry has always given much to talk about; the truth is that some people love it, some people hate it, and the reality is that the sales are still on the rise. 

What is it about timeshare   ownership that causes such incredible controversy? Read this article to learn how timeshare sales agreements work...

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Where Can I Sell my Timeshare?: Challenges and The Best Options

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Getting into a timeshare can be very easy, getting out, not so much.

Many vacationers purchase timeshares with the intention of traveling around the world, some others pretend to buy the vacation property as a financial investment (which is actually an unwise move), while some of them were practically pushed into it.

Whatever the reason, the...

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Mexico Timeshare SCAM

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Beware of timeshare scams in Mexico, The second country with more timeshare developments in the world

According to recent tourism studies, Mexico is the second country in the world with the most timeshare developments, which means the timeshare industry is very strong in this country.

To date, there are over 500 resorts in Mexico operating...

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EBay Timeshare for Sale:

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Many timeshare owners are trying to shed their shared property, which is reflected in the resale market, especially on online auction sites like eBay.

It is not a secret that the economy is getting tough, and everybody is more conscious of the value of money. Prices increase very constantly, and the importance to economizing is now huge.


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