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Why are TIMESHARES considered a FRAUD?

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Timeshares are often considered fraudulent or deceptive schemes for several reasons. Here are some reasons why they are associated with questionable or deceitful practices:

Aggressive sales tactics: Timeshare salespeople often use high-pressure tactics to convince people to buy. This can include lengthy presentations, promises of benefits...

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If you are headed to this popular resort on vacations, chances are you’ll encounter an aggressively friendly man or woman offering you a free meal or a gift, but with the condition to submit to a timeshare pitch.

At first sight you will think that there it would be no harm, but this is the way timeshare companies get your attention...

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TIMESHARE COMPANIES: The truth about them

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The beginnings

Timeshare companies started their operations in the United States back in 1974.

The concept was well accepted by many entrepreneurs due to the big profits they could make, being that they could sell a room more than once to different owners.

Then, in the late 1980s, several timeshare companies started to run in Mexico, Canada...

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Decoding TIMESHARE PRESENTATIONS: A Step-by-Step Guide and How to Protect Yourself

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What is a timeshare presentation?

Timeshare presentation vacations are long-lasting and hard-selling, similar to walking into a used car dealership. Know the timeshare presentation process to avoid becoming a new victim of these so-called "vacation homes"

Timeshares have been a boom over the last twenty years; however they have changed...

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Reading Between the Lines: Unveiling Hidden Pitfalls in Timeshare Contracts

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You made an agreement with your husband not to purchase anything, no matter what you were going to be told at the timeshare sales presentation.

Then, why did you end up walking away with a nice briefcase full of paperwork and a $20,000.00 USD debt in credit cards?

When making large financial investments, it is very important to read the fine...

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Is Timeshare a Good Investment?

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Plain and simple: No, timeshares are a purchase and are not a financial or real estate investment. Learn how people are tricked into thinking that timeshares are a growing asset.

Timeshare is a good investment only if your purpose is to have a place to spend your vacations and not as a financial investment to make a profit.

We received a ...

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