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Free Timeshare Vacations

If you are a regular vacationer, you have probably heard of this method of getting a vacation for “free” at a timeshare resort which main goal is to sell you a vacation timeshare of some sort.

The timeshare resort will offer you a free or cheap lodging for two or three nights at the resort in exchange for you agreeing to attend a 90-120 minutes timeshare presentation during your stay. You...

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Timeshare Deals and Promotions

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Timeshares are one of the best-selling products in the hospitality industry. There are thousands of units available and millions of people have bought one.

However, timeshares have been hardly criticized due to the high-pressure tactics that are used by the salespeople to sell the properties.

To improve their reputation, many timeshare companies...

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Free Timeshare: The Trap behind the Offer

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Want a free timeshare? You can get it easily! But know the trap hidden behind the offer

They say that where there is smoke, there is fire.

If you google the word “Timeshare” you will find out that the concept is related to other terms like “scam”, “fraud”, “ripoff” and “horror stories&rdquo...

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A Closer Look at Timeshare Promotions and How to Make Smart Vacation Choices

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Timeshare promotions come and go, and they can be very attractive at first sight. Find out more about these timeshare deals and whether they are really convenient for you and your family.  

Vacations or Holidays are the perfect time to spend quality time with your loved ones and get away from the busy city life.

Vacationers want ...

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Global Golf Connections:A FRAUDULENT way to spend money at Grand Mayan

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Rental and resale timeshare companies are getting more creative every day. Learn the new trick from these companies to lure vacationers to spend their money on a "money-making machine" called Global Golf Connections. Learn their trick so you do not fall for their fraudulent speech.

Timeshare awareness in Global Golf Connections.

To all those...

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Reading Between the Lines: Unveiling Hidden Pitfalls in Timeshare Contracts

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You made an agreement with your husband not to purchase anything, no matter what you were going to be told at the timeshare sales presentation.

Then, why did you end up walking away with a nice briefcase full of paperwork and a $20,000.00 USD debt in credit cards?

When making large financial investments, it is very important to read the fine...

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Timeshare Salespeople: Recognizing Players and Avoiding Scams in Mexico

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Buying at timeshare full of decisiveness is not a one-man job.

There is a process that starts from the timeshare salespeople that contacted you at the airport, the street or the lobby of your hotel to the last person, which would be the customer service department.

Learn the role each of these employees plays.

Timeshare sales are carefully...

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