How to Safely and Effectively Cancel Your Timeshare with Garza Blanca

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Planning a vacation is never an easy task. There are so many things to consider: Where will I stay during my vacation? What will I do while I’m there? How can I make sure that my plans fit with my budget?

For these and many other reasons, many choose to purchase a timeshare plan from a resort, as timeshare plans simplify the experience of planning a vacation and puts it in a small, convenient box for buyers, as well as lasting for years or even a lifetime.

Resorts like Garza Blanca offer seemingly bulletproof plans in their timeshare contracts, but the reality is that purchasing a timeshare plan doesn’t guarantee a perfect vacation. But don’t worry; in this article, we’ll guide you through canceling your Garza Blanca timeshare plan. 

  1. What is a timeshare plan?
  2. Canceling your timeshare plan
    Why cancel your Garza Blanca timeshare plan?
    Alternatives to canceling your Garza Blanca timeshare plan
    How do I cancel my timeshare plan with Garza Blanca?
  3. Conclusion

¿What is a timeshare plan?

We should start off at the best place to start-the beginning. What even is a timeshare plan? A timeshare plan is a contract in which buyers purchase property from a resort to use for a few days or weeks of the year for a monthly fee, and they can last anywhere from 5 years up to a lifetime.

Why cancel your Garza Blanca timeshare plan?

This is a very reasonable question: “A resort property that I can use at will for many years for a small monthly quota? Why would I want to cancel that?” This is what we all think as we sign our timeshare contract but as much as we don’t like to think about it, there’s always a chance that we regret our decision later on, whether you become unable to pay the monthly quota, lose interest in the resort destination or start having issues with the resort there’s no good reason to just keep paying the quotas of a timeshare plan that you don’t even plan on using anymore, you can always contact a timeshare cancelation agency to help you out with any timeshare cancelation related issue, but more on that later.

Alternatives to canceling a timeshare plan

You may have heard of many alternatives to canceling your timeshare contract, from selling to renting to even donating timeshare plans to charity. Many turn to these alternatives because they aren’t sure as to how to cancel their contracts. In this article, we’ll analyze the most common alternatives to selling a timeshare plan and why they aren’t as good ideas as they may seem on a surface level.

  • Selling or renting your timeshare plan: Many people who are seeking to get rid of their timeshare plan think of sharing their plan, only to find out that it’s mostly unprofitable; but why is that? Timeshare plans have little value in the market because there isn’t a lot of demand for them, and they lose around half of their real value when they are put up for sale or rent. If you do wish to try this method, it is important that you are aware that there are many fraudulent companies ready to take advantage of your situation.

     They'll offer to handle the more complex aspects of renting a property while asking for payments to “cover for property maintenance”, but in reality, they’ll abandon the property completely and take both your money and your timeshare plan rights.

  • Donating or giving away your timeshare plan: Some people think that a timeshare plan would make for a great gift for a friend or family member, but the reality is that most people would decline the offer since timeshare plans come with monthly payments that most people aren’t willing to pay because they aren’t particularly interested in a timeshare plan in the first place. Alternatively, some people think of donating the timeshare plan

    As surprising and odd as it may sound, some charities accept timeshare plans as donations, but most aren’t really keen on doing so because, as mentioned before, timeshare plans come with monthly payments.

  • Alternatives provided by the resort: If you try to contact the resort that you purchased your plan from with intentions of canceling it, they’ll likely offer alternatives to stop you from doing so, from lowering your plan level, making it cheaper, to stopping payments for a few months altogether. While these alternatives look very tempting, they will always turn out to be more expensive than canceling the contract.

Most people who resort to these alternatives do it because they think that this will end any issues they have with the resort and their timeshare plan, but in reality, contacting a lawyer to cancel the contract will always be better in the long run. While a slow and seemingly expensive process, canceling the contract will always turn out to be cheaper, easier and more convenient.

How do I cancel my timeshare plan with Garza Blanca?

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. How do you cancel a timeshare plan? First, we need to analyze our situation, since our course of action can be slightly different depending on factors like when we start the cancellation process.

  1. Use the cancellation window: This step only applies if we want to cancel our timeshare plan right after signing the contract or making a down payment.

    According to Mexican law, any and all purchases of a timeshare plan have a five-business-day window in which you can nullify the contract.

    If you do contact the resort in this five-day window, make sure to keep evidence of your cancellation application in case that the resort decides to postpone it, as it will help you greatly when contacting a lawyer.

  2. Contacting a lawyer: This step tends to scare people out of the cancellation process mainly because a lawyer seems more expensive when compared to other alternatives, but as we mentioned in our alternatives' analysis, a lawyer will always be cheaper, more efficient and more convenient in the long run.

    Add to that, the fact that with the help of a lawyer, you won’t have to rely on the five-day window to cancel your contract. If, as it is the case with most people, you don’t know a timeshare cancellation lawyer who can help you, don’t worry; there are timeshare cancellation agencies that can put you in contact with a lawyer and will guide you through your process.

    It is important to note that there are fraudulent companies that will try to entice you with false promises or with cancelation alternatives (such as renting or selling the timeshare plan).

    A qualified timeshare lawyer would never suggest selling or renting your timeshare; a good rule of thumb is that if the company or lawyer asks for upfront payment for their service, chances are they are a fraudulent company.


In conclusion, while it is possible to cancel our timeshare plan on our own, it’s always better to contact a timeshare cancellation agency.

Not only will a timeshare cancellation agency help us cancel our plan outside the five-day cancellation window, but they’ll also protect us from morally questionable techniques that resorts may use to try and stop us from canceling our contract.

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