The Risks of Hiring Timeshare Resale Companies

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The concept of timeshare has been popular for decades as a way to enjoy vacations in luxury properties without incurring the high costs of ownership.

However, in recent years, numerous timeshare resale companies have emerged, promising to relieve owners of their obligations.

While it may seem tempting, hiring the services of these companies comes with a series of risks and disadvantages.

In this article, we will explore the reasons why it is not recommended to hire a timeshare resale company.

High fees and commissions

One of the main reasons why it is not recommended to hire a timeshare resale company is the high fees and commissions they charge.

These companies often require an upfront fee, regardless of whether they are able to sell your timeshare or not. Additionally, many of them demand a substantial commission, often 30% or more, of the final sale price.

These fees and commissions can be excessive and significantly reduce owners' return on investment.

Scams and fraudulent practices

The timeshare resale sector has been the target of numerous scams and fraudulent practices in recent years.

Some unscrupulous companies take advantage of owners who are desperate to get rid of their timeshares, promising them quick sales and exaggerated benefits.

However, in many cases, these companies simply disappear after receiving the initial payment, leaving owners without any guarantee or service.

It is crucial to thoroughly research any resale company before hiring their services and avoid falling into possible scams.

Difficulties in selling timeshare

The reality is that selling a timeshare can be extremely challenging. There is an oversupply in the resale market, which leads to low demand and considerably lower resale prices than the original purchase prices.

Timeshare resale companies may make exaggerated promises about the speed and ease of the sale, but in many cases, owners can spend months or even years trying to sell their timeshare without success. Hiring a resale company does not guarantee a quick and profitable sale.

More viable alternatives

Instead of hiring a timeshare resale company, there are more viable alternatives for owners who want to get rid of their timeshare.

One option is to directly contact the resort or developer to explore the possibility of terminating the contract or transferring the ownership.

However, we only recommend doing so directly with the resort, not through a third party company or one recommended by a salesperson.

Another option, if you no longer wish to continue paying for your membership, may be to cancel it. For this, we recommend hiring a specialist.

At Mexican Timeshare Solutions, we specialize in timeshare cancellations and offer a free consultation.


Hiring a timeshare resale company may seem like a quick solution to dispose of an unwanted property, but the risks and disadvantages outweigh the potential benefits.

The high fees and commissions, scams and fraudulent practices, difficulties in selling, and more viable alternatives make it not advisable to rely on these companies.

It is essential to thoroughly research any resale company before hiring their services and consider other available options to minimize risks and maximize return on investment.

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