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If you already own a timeshare, we advise you to keep reading, since this article's content is about popular timeshare brokers and the way they have been bringing down the timeshare business with their illegal and deceiving tactics to steal money masked as timeshare broker services they post online. We save you from big scam with this information below.

As we know, the world of tourism is a very large field for productivity and for doing business.

It is common to find a timeshare as part of this and if you think about it, it is an excellent way to vacation to several beautiful destinations, and have your suite available with just one reservation away.

As long as you buy your timeshare with a legal and legitimate company, it will be easy for you to enjoy the benefits promised by the person in charge of selling or renting a timeshare unit.

You should be more alert by Mexican timeshare companies since the scam is potentially likely to happen in this exotic and touristic country.

Commonly, hotel rooms come with a room with beds of different sizes and sofas. It can always be a disaster for a large family to be separated on different floors of the hotel and different rooms, it is a mess to get together.

So what they enjoy in the timeshare is the comfort of a luxury suite with several rooms and beds, it may even be that the timeshare has a second floor.

To this is added the full kitchen, several bathrooms and the privacy of being with your own family.

Certainly owning a timeshare has its pros and cons, it all comes down to the fact that you're willing to put up with the cons of owning one.

Unfortunately, timeshare has acquired its own bad frame due to misinformation, manipulative salespeople, and once you own one, it starts to get annoying having to pay elevated maintenance fees, which are necessary, but at the same time, some companies elevate the rates in a way that is exaggerated, as some timeshare owners have claimed.

This is when the lack of information has its consequences. Foreign people not knowing what they are getting into, and the reality of being a timeshare owner.

This has them facing a hard time since in Mexico, the timeshare business works differently that in the USA.

At this point, all a timeshare owner wants is to get rid of his timeshare and maybe give it away, or pass it to some family member for the reason that it's been a long time since he owns it, and now he can't cancel the contract according to the timeshare seller he bought it from.

Besides, the rescission period might have expired. This is when the owner put his timeshare on sale on the internet.

He posts it on some site and receives a call from a timeshare resale broker who has someone who is able to buy the property right away.

Timeshare Resale Broker

According to "salespeople" giving timeshare broker services, the main task of a so called timeshare resale broker is to assist people through the marketing and help them to either buy or sell a timeshare, depending on the client's interest.

A time share broker might act as a real estate agent, claiming he has the knowledge to successfully get the work done and obtain a timeshare for you or get someone who will buy it from you for a good price.

A time share broker is commonly known as a timeshare resale broker too, since they do business in the buying and sale of a let's say second-hand timeshare unit. 

They usually operate looking for timeshare users that want to get rid of the timeshare.

We know canceling your timeshare contract is way too hard.

Consequently, many people who are desperate to do so, might blindly look for help with a time share broker and commit a huge mistake.

People working in the vicious timeshare broker services are such actor, that they will get too far just to meet their goals.

Scammed people claim they received a call from the impostors saying they have a client who will buy the posted timeshare in sale at that moment.

They even had this "buyer" calling the scammed people and confirming they had the money and interest to buy the timeshare.

Once the timeshare broker has gained a little trust from the victim, he continues and asks for an upfront fee to pay for closing costs, maintenance fees or taxes.

He may keep requesting money for unforeseen expenses and by the time the victim has lost hundreds of dollars, they realize they have been scammed and there is no way o get their money and time back because there was never such a sale.

All this drama is backed up with addresses and phone numbers those timeshare brokers took from real companies, in addition to a website that looks professional and documents that appear as official and original.

Keep Yourself From Fraudulent Timeshare Brokers

Avoid being scammed by timeshare brokers with the following tips

  • Never trust of anybody who claims to sell your timeshare in the same day for a good amount of money that is too good to be true
  • Beware of salespeople putting you under pressure to make a deal with them
  • Don't be fooled by documents that look legit and official at first sight. A contract or money-back guarantee from a scammer is not worth the paper it is printed on.
  • Never seek for services from a timeshare broker.
  • Make sure you know the background of this "timeshare broker" so you know who are dealing with and can report him, even if he claims he is from your city he can be committing fraud all over the world.

Do you happen to be in the situation? Have you been fooled by a time share broker fraudulent services? We can help you out.

Don't think twice and contact us here. You deserve legitimate services and protection as a timeshare industry consumer.

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