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Timeshare Advocates: Money Back Guarantee vs Contingency

Timeshare Advocates: Money Back Guarantee vs Contingency
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They have have been around as for as long as timeshare exists. These companies offer a money back guarantee but, How can you be sure that they will not run away with your money after you paid them upfront?

Timeshare advocates, timeshare cancel professionals or timeshare cancellation companies:

The majority of timeshare scam victims are honest, genuine people who believe that their timeshare salesmen have the same code of ethics as far as accomplishing their verbal promises when they decide to purchase the timeshare. Over time, they realize that the verbal promises are typically untrue, and the timeshare salespeople do not have the same definition of honesty as they expected.

The faith that most timeshare buyers have in their salespeople is shattered once they realize they have been lied to, misrepresented and defrauded out of thousands of their hard-earned dollars. Their belief that people are inherently honest is often converted into skeptism, and rightly so, as the timeshare scam salespeople have been well trained to sell no matter what the cost to the consumer both financially and emotionally.

Timeshare advocacy

When clients seek assistance to cancel their Mexican timeshare contract, they are met with numerous options. Most of the timeshare cancellation companies offer a money back guarantee, which appears to be a genuine offer of good faith on the part of the company to be committed to cancelling the client’s contract. Unfortunately, in the timeshare industry, money back guarantees are not a safe way to ensure that you will not get scammed again. All timeshare scam victims must be very careful and never pay any upfront fees, even with a money back guarantee, to cancel their timeshare.

These "timeshare advocates" operate in a very similar manner to the resale and rental companies. They set up a simple website to represent their business online. The potential clients see that the company has a money back guarantee and so they gain confidence to contact the timeshare cancellation company.

Many of these companies are based in the US and have excellent BBB ratings because they are new companies, or change names regularly. This also helps clients to gain false confidence in their services. Once the client gets in touch with the company, they are charged the cancellation fee upfront, which often amounts to several thousand dollars. At the beginning, the client is contacted with progress updates on a regular basis. After some time, the client is delayed with promises that their timeshare will be cancelled, but it just takes time and they must be patient.


Timeshare advocates

Eventually, the client can no longer reach the timeshare advocates company. They try by phone and email with no response. Sometimes, they even mail letters to the cancellation company and the letter is returned undeliverable. Later, they find out that the company has gone bankrupt. Having filed for bankruptcy,the company no longer has any financial obligation to pay back the upfront fees to the clients, even though there was the promise of a money back guarantee.

This process occurs over and over again with all types of companies that charge upfront fees for rentals, resales and cancellation. Unfortunately, many timeshare owners are so desperate to get rid of their timeshare contract, that they make several attempts to cancel using one of these companies, hoping that they will eventually get the results they desire.

Other companies claim that they have no upfront fee. They say that the money will be held in an escrow account until the process is finalized, at which point the client will get their money back from the resort to cover the cost of the company´s fee. The client then wires the money to the so-called escrow company. Again, these escrow companies often have good BBB ratings because they have a short life span before they go bankrupt.

Some of the companies are located in the US, which makes it easier to dispute the charge if problems arise, except for if the company has already gone bankrupt.

Other companies will claim to be in Mexico. Escrow accounts are not existent in Mexico, so the clients are normally asked to wire the money to an individual’s personal account. This money is practically impossible to recover once it has been wired to Mexico. Escrow scams for timeshare cancellation are becoming more and more common, confirming that it is never a good idea to pay money upfront to get rid of your timeshare.

Timeshare cancellation professionals

At Mexican Timeshare Solutions, we are professional timeshare advocates  committed to working on our clients´ behalf on a 100% contingency basis. We stand behind our results, meaning that if we are not successful in cancelling the timeshare contract, we do not charge a penny for our efforts.

Our clients only pay our fee once they have received cancellation notice from the resort and whenever possible, a refund directly into their account. Money back guarantees or paying money to an escrow account are not sufficient ways to ensure that your hard-earned money is safe in the timeshare industry that is riddled with scams. Call Mexican Timeshare Solutions today and avoid getting scammed twice by trying to get rid of your timeshare contract with a company that charges an upfront fee.

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  • mohamedbhimjiMay 11, 2015, 9:25 am

    We get 2-3 pieces of timeshare mail every few months. They promise great stuff, but I'm definitely never going to attend one because the free "stuff" could cost me thousands later on. I don't like the hard sell and have heard what these sessions are like - worse than trying to get off the new/used car dealers lot. Timeshares? Never, ever.

  • EnriqueDecember 23, 2014, 9:57 pm

    I bought a timeshare on cancun, Mexico , but i want a cancellation , could this be possible? really i dont want it anymore...

  • KurtOctober 27, 2014, 8:33 am

    Many vacationers become victims of timeshare scam by signing unfair timeshare agreements!!

  • Sean AustinOctober 6, 2014, 7:34 am

    No, I do not own a timeshare, do not purchase timeshares, and I definitely would not sell one to my worst enemy. Well, I probably would sell one to my worst enemy, but not to anyone else.

  • WSims007September 30, 2014, 11:41 am

    We have a timeshare, and it has worked out pretty good over all. But then again, with these "callers" wanting to "help" you resell it, I get their calls virtually every day. Unfortunately, for them, I did my homework first, and know well what's going on. I had one running a long call, because I asked them why should I pay up front without knowing anything about the alleged buyer. I had a lot of fun with that one. Naturally, they couldn't successfully answer, but listening to their circular reasoning educated me a lot on how they really can sucker the unaware into their scams.

    Some timeshares are actually scams, and again, a bit of homework will educate on which is which. We've had ours now for about 15 years, paid up, and with international connections to other vacation spots with great prices. And yeah, every now and then we have to sit through another 90 minute speel about "upgrading", but you don't have to, and when it's done, we lost nothing. +In fact though, it doesn't even take 90 minutes. They make their presentation, on a personal level, and all you say is "not interested in any upgrading", and it's over within about 20 minutes. It's a business, and one has to expect it. When they are legit, you can get great bargains. But the main warning, that everyone "must adhere to", is to do your homework first and know who you're dealing with. I love that song phrase from Kenny Rogers, "know when to hold, know when to fold, and when to walk away".

  • KarlSeptember 17, 2014, 10:46 am

    Look, when the time share companies use sales people acting as customers as room fill, to deceive real people into thinking the sales room is full of customers, the timeshare corporations are just exploiting people. Their sales people pretending they are customers are not even being paid for being room fill! At least real people attending presentations for sport are giving sales peopl a break from being unpaid actors!



  • GeneralPublicAugust 19, 2014, 9:22 am

    Timeshare.... Only a fool would pay money for a piece of paper that gives the fool the privilege of paying an annual fee. No thanks! If I want to stay in your hotel room, I will let your hotel compete for my business.... Don't knock stupidity, that is how the president got elected.

  • m schumejkoJuly 23, 2014, 11:57 am

    My mother has a time share she is 80 and has no use for it but cannot give it away as the company are not interested. Is there any way the company will take it off her hands?

  • DonMay 12, 2014, 12:45 pm

    Timeshares? I hadn't given that a thought before.

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