Mexican Timeshare Solutions: BEWARE, scammers are pretending to be MTS

All we know, in the timeshare business there are a lot of scams, starting with timeshare presentations in when they use terrible sales tactics, where they almost force you to buy a membership. Because of this situation, many people who have bought a timeshare under these circumstances realize that they don’t need the timeshare and is not a good investment and they look to get rid of it.

Pirate companies

Taking advantage of people who desperately want to get rid of their timeshare, many companies offer a service of sale, resale, donation or cancellation; not all of these companies are legitimate, some try to rip back to the timeshare owners.

As you know, Mexican Timeshare Solutions is a company dedicated to cancel timeshares that were acquired in Mexico, we offer a free consultation so the client may know what to do in the timeshare situation.

We found a website nearly identical to MTS. This website is:

 How to know if it is the real page 

At first glance, it seems like the page of MTS, but I will expose the differences between the two pages:


Real page of MTS:


 False page of MTS:


As you may see, there is a big similarity between the URL of both pages in their Spanish version. The original page of MTS use the word CANCELAR, the other page use the word CANCELA. Another difference is that the original page of MTS ends:, and the false page ends like:


Real page of MTS:

USA: 714-277-3662
Toll-free: 888-275-3595
Mexico: 334-162-5467

 False page of MTS:

USA: 866-978-6685
Mexico: 55-4161-4912


Real page of MTS: (English) (Spanish)

False page of MTS:

False phone calls

These people have contacted several timeshare owners, pretending to be associates of MTS, under the names of Ricardo Mesa and Carlos Madrigal. Beware, in MTS, there are not associates under these names.

Be alert, because they call offering the rent and resale services. BEWARE: in Mexican Timeshare Solutions, WE DO NOT RENT OR RESALE TIMESHARE MEMBERSHIPS, we only cancel timeshares purchased in Mexico.

 Search the BBB seal

Mexican Timeshare Solutions has a guarantee seal of the Better Business Bureau (BBB); the false page doesn’t have it.This is the seal that let you identify if it is the legitimate page of MTS                           Original                                                               False 


Do not be fooled by this kind of people, MTS does not contact timeshare owners unless you’ve left a message on our website, do not charge anything upfront and we offer a free consultation.

At Mexican Timeshare Solutions, we specialize on cancelling timeshare contracts purchased in Mexico. Our associates have several years experience in the timeshare industry and we are able to resolve timeshare scam cases. Contact us for a free consultation and obtain a relief from your timeshare.

Information to Share

Please help us to share this information to more people in order to avoid more timeshare scams victims, how?

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