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Beware! Scammers Contact via WhatsApp Claiming Your Cancelled Timeshare is Still Active

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Beware of scams involving cancelled timeshares

Recently, new scam methods have emerged targeting those who once owned timeshares. A recurring case involves a person who, after having properly cancelled their timeshare and not receiving any charges from the resort for a long period, begins receiving messages via WhatsApp with the false promise...

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Steps to Free Yourself from the Financial Burden of Your Timeshare

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We all dream of the perfect vacation from time to time, whether on the beach or the mountain, with family or on our own.

Planning a vacation trip is no easy task, and so, many opt for hiring the services of a resort and purchasing a timeshare plan instead of planning from scratch.

This however, is not a foolproof plan. What happens if I don...

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Vida Lifestyle Timeshare Membership

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Vida Lifestyle Timeshare

Vacationing with family or friends is a unique experience, especially when you go to places as wonderful as those offered by Mexico and other countries in America.

There are resorts or vacation clubs that offer different types of memberships to their guests to provide them with a unique vacation.

Vida Lifestyle is...

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How Many Years Does a Timeshare Last?

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Vacations are a human need. Everyone needs a few days to relax, meet and share experiences with their loved ones.

It is well known that traveling is not easy, but there are vacation packages that help make the experiences easier.

One style for vacationing is timeshares. In the tourism industry, timeshares play a crucial role since they are...

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How to CANCEL a XCARET Membership?

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Mexico is one of the leaders in international tourism. This privilege is based on a wide range of tourist products, from the classic sun and beach tourism in various destinations on the country's coasts to archaeological tourism such as its temples and pyramids.

Mexico's position in the international tourism market is based on the diversity...

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RAINTREE TIMESHARE – Is it a Reliable Company?

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Timeshares are growing rapidly, and many international travelers are buying timeshare properties all over Mexico.

But before you do this kind of purchase, you need to do research of the company and don’t be swayed for the beautiful words the sales rep tell.

As soon as you hear some deal too good to be true, you need to think twice...

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How to get out of a timeshare? This is a common question that timeshare owners ask every day. Read this article and find out the possible solutions to your question How to get out of a timeshare contract.

A timeshare purchase is never a good idea. Some people buy timeshare properties with the idea of a financial investment, but people...

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How to Terminate Ownership of a Time Share

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Let’s admit it: Time share scams are on the rise, and trying to get out of the contract can be a big headache! The truth is, however, that a time share can be a good-quality purchase for those who enjoy revisiting the same vacation spot every year, but certainly not for most people.

Unfortunately, timeshare presentations are awfully...

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Decoding TIMESHARE PRESENTATIONS: A Step-by-Step Guide and How to Protect Yourself

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What is a timeshare presentation?

Timeshare presentation vacations are long-lasting and hard-selling, similar to walking into a used car dealership. Know the timeshare presentation process to avoid becoming a new victim of these so-called "vacation homes"

Timeshares have been a boom over the last twenty years; however they have changed...

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