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Timeshare Upgrade: A solution or just another waste of money?

Timeshare Upgrade: A solution  or just another waste of money?
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Should you upgrade your timeshare to solve the problems you are facing currently? Learn the tricks used by timeshare resorts to get you to upgrade without needing it.

A number of timeshare companies have skilled salesman who are able to scam innocent vacationers not just once, but twice or even three times by selling timeshare upgrade.

Unhappy clients often go back to the resort to complain about their timeshare contracts. When they get there, instead of dealing with a member services department, they are often referred back to the sales department where they will be forced to attend another sales presentation. The salesmen then make several types of claims to get the consumer to timeshare upgrade in order to try to resolve their initial problem.

Timeshare upgrade: another waste of money

If you have been scammed by a timeshare company once, do not invest more money with the same company to try to fix the problem. The following are some of the common timeshare scams associated with timeshare upgrade.

In order to ensure a high volumes of sales, many timeshare scam companies show incredibly beautiful rooms to the potential clients to induce them into purchasing a luxury timeshare contract. When the client actually visits the resort, they are placed in a room of a far lower quality. We have heard from many clients that they thought they were purchasing a larger unit, for example, a one or two bedroom unit, but when they visited the hotel, they were given a standard room.

Other complaints were that they were shown a brand new suite in perfect condition, but when they arrived, they were given a unit in an older building, with mold or humidity problems. This is not acceptable when the client has purchased an agreement based on the unit that they saw during the sales presentation.

A normal first step for victims of timeshare scam is to contact the resort to try to complain about the membership or cancel the agreement. Some clients do this in person while they are visiting the resort and have realized that what they purchased was not what they were promised. A common response is for the new salesperson to apologize for the error of the previous salesman, and to offer a timeshare upgrade to their timeshare so that they can reserve the higher quality room. This comes at another cost to the consumer, and often does not resolve the problem as many resorts build special suites just for the sales presentations that do not correspond to the quality of their regular rooms.

Another timeshare scam, with regards to timeshare upgrade, comes with the rental scams. Many timeshare purchasers are promised that they can easily rent their timeshare weeks through an affiliated rental agency. After some time, the vast majority of the clients are not able to rent any of their weeks and are also out more money for the listing fee to the rental agency. When the client complains to the resort, they sometimes claim that guaranteed rentals are not offered with their level of timeshare contract, but if they upgrade to a superior membership, then the rental of their weeks is guaranteed. This is another timeshare scam that can often lead to the loss of several thousand dollars more for the client in the purchase of the upgrade, and another listing fee to the rental agents.

Some clients choose to upgrade to a better unit, a more desirable week, or a larger number of weeks per year. The salesman has them sign an upgraded contract, which has no mention of the previous timeshare that they had with the same resort. In essence, the salesman is selling the client a new timeshare contract that does not supersede the previous timeshare contract. The client believes they are purchasing an upgrade, but they are actually purchasing a completely separate contract, and are now responsible for two maintenance fees to the resort. They may also end up with double the time, when they do not need that many vacation weeks.

This timeshare scam is financially detrimental as the carrying costs are difficult for most purchasers to maintain, and if they default on the maintenance fees, the resort will attack their credit score in the US or Canada.

If you are planning to purchase an upgrade to your timeshare that is already letting you down, think again. Do not throw away more of your hard earned money to a company that defrauded you out of thousands of dollars in the first place. If your timeshare contract is not what you were promised, the best solution is to cancel your timeshare contract and rid yourself of any future payments to the timeshare resort.

At Mexican Timeshare Solutions we offer you a free consultation so that you are aware of your options and can decide if cancelling the contract is the best option for you. In many situations we can even recover your money that you have paid towards the timeshare scam. Do not throw good money after bad in trying to resolve your fraudulent timeshare situation. Contact us today and relieve yourself of the burden of owning a non-performing timeshare.


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  • Carlos Marzo 18, 2018, 6:18 pm

    Eso del upgrade es un total fraude, por favor no crean en eso, nosotros compramos un tiempo compartido con pueblo bonito hace unos años y despues de unos meses nos pidieron el upgrade, lo hicimos, ya que nos dijeron que para poder usar todos los beneficios teniamos que hacerlo, pero nada cambio y estamos muy molestos !

  • MaryJune 1, 2017, 3:59 pm

    If the contract is upgraded and the new contract says the original contract is terminated and no other force or effect known or unknownniworin the future.....Then you cancel upgraded contract within 5 days due to misrepresentation can they enforce now the original contract?

  • Eugenia April 1, 2016, 5:18 pm

    Upgrade your actual membership is like pay for another timeshare, in consequence you will pay more money for the maintenance fees too , im talking for my own experience and believe me, an upgrade is not the exit, its only another step to sink you in an endless contract , stay sharp.

  • Loy H.December 14, 2015, 10:36 am

    Of course is another waste of money , dont get caught , the only thing that you will get is another debt with no end, just avoid all that "offers and promotions" and say no , if you have a timeshare for own experience be very careful and READ the timeshare contract , good luck.

  • Osorio October 18, 2015, 11:18 pm

    Creo que no hay mejor forma que cancelando el contrato eso de upgrade es una estafa mas , no hagan caso a esas promociones, solo sirven para meterte mas al lodo , busquen la cancelacion siempre y cuando ya no quieran su tiempo compartido !

  • David May 18, 2015, 9:59 am

    Absolutely Yes, is a big waste of money to make an " upgrade " , resorts search the ways to scam you again and again, is very important to read carefully the contract , many times people can use fully time their timeshare because they need to make an uprade first , such a shame huh ?

  • kierahMay 11, 2015, 9:28 am

    We went to a time share presentation in Mexico. We were staying in Riviera Maya and we were offered private transport round trip to Cancun, breakfast in Cancun as well as heavily discounted tickets to Chichen Itza and Xcaret. It was worth a morning's presentation to spend the day in Cancun and get the tickets. You just need to be savvy consumer.

  • Rafael HerreraApril 27, 2015, 10:09 am

    Another wast of time definitely , the timeshare sellers the only thing that they really want is to rip of all you monet, no matter what , for that reason you need to be very carefull , dont accept to do and "upgrade" cuz is a fake, dont trust in those persons and if you can try to manage the situation witha professional, be careful

  • DianaJanuary 30, 2015, 12:23 am

    This is not an option , if you wabt a good and a reliable option , the only way is cancellation , those people only want to stole your money, dont felt in those traps, everything that they told you is not true, why upgrade? i dont understand what is the good point of all of this, the answer is avoid all of this, trust me upgrade is not an option

  • ShellySeptember 29, 2014, 10:46 am

    We are trying to fight for our cancellation and refund. We canceled on day 5 but they are telling us they are not subject to Mexican laws (we were in Puerto Vallarta) BUT they are telling us to get a Mexican lawyer. Which is odd.

    Do they have to abide by Mexican laws when they are “based” out of either Anguilla or the Dominican Republic? Credit Card charges came from Florida.

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