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Tourism in Mexico has created great opportunities for the economy in the country due to the large chains of resorts and vacation companies established on the coasts of the country.

As we know, the timeshare industry is the one who has created a major impact in this matter.

It is known that in the same way, the timeshare industry has affected the economy of many people, who have ended up regretting the investment they made in a timeshare.

As this article explains, is it really a good idea to acquire one?

Apart from the timeshare resorts sale, resale, and rent there are timeshare exchange programs carried by exchange companies, mainly RCI and II (Interval International).

Keep reading this article to get informed and hopefully, avoid getting involved in fraud. We will also guide you in the cancellation of your contract, if that ir of your interest.

What is RCI?

These national or international timeshare exchanges are part of a network called RCI, which stands for Resorts Condominiums International.

RCI is one of the world´s leading timeshare exchange companies, with over 4,000 affiliated resort worldwide.

They are dedicated to the timeshare business of exchanging units. Basically a one-time trade involving a swap of right-to-use to your property with another unit with equal or close to equal value of your own.

The central idea a timeshare swap with RCI offers for acquiring the timeshare service with the company, is that it allows you to organize your trip in advance, as they state.

Besides, a great alternative to vacation with the timeshare experience, and the supposedly the same benefits you enjoy in your original unit.

These timeshare exchange companies offer as well an international exchange with other people in another resort located in any part of the world your resort company is available.

Timeshare Exchange companies and the point system

Timeshare exchange programs offered in these companies is what has made this RCI company really popular.

After acquiring a timeshare with RCI they will offer you this program or you can request the timeshare swap in RCI when already owning the timeshare, depending the case.

Exchange companies have their own system so members can use their weeks in every seasons of the year they choose, supposedly.

This is knows as the points system, in which the salespeople from the exchange company in question, try to convince you to get enrolled, but about the benefits of this, we have many doubts.

When resorts offer timeshare points for sale, they claim you as an owner, will have an opportunity to exchange your timeshare stay for points to use at another resort or timeshare unit, which is basically doing a timeshare exchange.

The point system states that amount of points that the owner can earn for a week of stay in his property depends on the timeshare location, the size of the unit, the resort and the time of the year. Which is mainly busier in Christmas and summer months.

For instance, an exchange with a unit that is larger, and more luxurious than the one you already own will cost you more points than a smaller place with less amenities.

Many resorts and properties get together to allow the timeshare point system to be spent between multiple timeshare exchange companies.

This gives owners more choice in their vacation plans and more flesible use of their timeshare. Depending on the contract, timeshare points may also be supposedly applicable for use on car rental services or other purchases.

While timeshare points for sale are apparently more flexible than timeshare week at a property, there are still some disadvantages.

Any timeshare still has restrictions and limitations on availability, so you must know you are not completely free to plan your vacation.

The cost of staying in timeshare properties is often much more expensive than hotel stays and vacation rentals in the end, and this is the reason why people wonder if timeshare are worth to acquire in the first place.

Timeshare Swap with RCI Main Complaints

Despite all the promises that timeshare sellers make to clients who want to do a timeshare swap with RCI company, there are many people who have done a swap and were not very happy with the service given.

Timeshare Exchange Programs are also known for leading to many fees than the traditional timeshare system. Many people who has had this experience, claim that you will be charged for almost anything.

Here is a list of the most common timeshare complaints:

  • You will be charged for simply being a member. If you are enrolled in the points system, you will end up spending a lot more money on maintenance fees.
  • The reservation for a week in the exchange unit you choose has also a fee.
  • You will have to pay another fee if you want to make changes in your week reservation.
  • Some users comment that the quality of the exchange rooms tends to be lower than their original timeshare. Saying that even the unit was sloppy in terms cleanliness.
  • Users claim they waited for too long for availability or you will have to use the timeshare at a different season (low season). in the end it all comes down to availability in the other resorts, which they most likely will deny at the time of doing your reservation.
  • The system only works when you keep paying. Even if you are not going to use the points soon, the contract states you have to pay for at least a year in order to use it again.
  • Another common complaint is that many people must vacation inthe same place every yeardepending on the resort)

All of these bad comments and reviews above left clients frustrated and wondering if such programs is really worth it, to the point they felt scammed.

The comments can be found posted on a variety of blogs and websites like TripAdvisor and Complaints Board.

Just as they are reason for consultation in the cancellation of the timeshare contract.

Here is an example of a Complaints Board post warning about how a timeshare swap RCI and other exchange companies are not worth it, since they lie and steal from timeshare owners.

In these cases, the best advice we can give is getting help from a cancellation company.

These companies are in Charge of providing information and assigning a timeshare attorney depending on your case, so that you can terminate your contract.

The contract cancellation is a legal process with guaranteed results. It is recommended as the best solution to end any type of problem related to ditching your timeshare forever.

To receive more information about Timeshare Exchange Programs and how to cancel your timeshare, send WhatsApp to +52 1 333 239 6589, fill the contact or call us at +1 714 277 3662.

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