Membership with Golden Shores, SCAM?

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The best time of the year, without a doubt, is the holidays. Vacationing is not only a luxury but a necessity for everyone.

Dedicating time to share with the family, discovering new places, traveling, and simply having a few days to do what you please is pure joy.

However, vacationing is not easy and much less cheap. This is a luxury that can cost a lot of money, even more so if done frequently.

For those families that travel often to several of the same destinations, timeshares can be a good option. But, it is well known that in recent years, timeshares have lost their value as the best option for vacationing.

Timeshares are the advance payment of a property in any resort or vacation club for a specific time per year. This timeshare business has been in the tourism industry for many years.

Today, many people who got their timeshare years ago are still happy with it, but it is important to pay attention to all the complaints and negative comments that have arisen due to poor resort service or fraud.

Golden Shores is a vacation club not far behind with complaints about membership fraud.

Who is Golden Shores?

Golden Shores is a vacation club designed to provide complete satisfaction during your stay in any of its destinations.

They promise to provide the necessary attention and an unforgettable experience.

They have a website that is easy to navigate, they include necessary information about their destinations, services, and promotions. However, you cannot find references for past clients.

At Golden Shores, you as a member must create an account to access more information about your reservations.

This vacation club has a club called Golden Shores Referral Club, this is to give you the benefit of participating to win prizes in exchange for recommending your service to other people.

For every person you refer who has purchased a Golden Shores vacation membership, you'll earn prizes like cash or all-inclusive travel.

Most of the time, people complain that these promises are not kept. There are also the promises of so-called buyers interested in your timeshare, as well as sellers trying to sell you more benefits for your membership.

In the world of timeshares or vacation memberships, some promises are not kept, and you can lose even the property or membership you own.

Golden Shores has more than eight different resorts in different destinations in Mexico. This offers a wide range of stay options to its clients.

However, there are common complaints about the quality of hotels. Several negative comments about the facilities have affected the image of this company.

Clients complain about the lack of maintenance, lousy customer service when solving problems, lack of staff, and even worse taste in the meals offered at the hotel.

All these complaints have led customers to lose interest in continuing with that vacation membership.

If you are going through this situation, look for more testimonials about this type of membership so that you do not become a victim.

How to get rid of your vacation membership with Golden Shores?

Unfortunately, the world of timeshares is a very expensive and difficult world to maintain. This type of membership has many variants that affect the price annually.

This means that the fees increase every year, and therefore it becomes a very large financial burden.

Many people decide for this reason to get rid of their membership, but, many times, it is also due to the lack of satisfaction with the service in general. When a vacation is not enjoyed to the fullest, the desire to repeat it goes away.

This leads customers to stop using their vacation membership, which becomes a meaningless investment.

There are several ways to get out of a vacation membership, but none of the methods are easy. These memberships can be sold, donated, rented, or canceled.

As mentioned before, vacation memberships and timeshares are a very high financial burden, which not all people are willing to pay.

For this reason, it is not easy to sell, donate or rent your membership. In addition, in the resale market, prices are very low and this leads to the loss of a large part of the money invested over time.

Most clients who have their vacation membership go directly to the resort to cancel their membership, but it is not always the best option.

Most resorts offer five business days after signing the contract to cancel it without any complications, but if this time is up, it is advisable to seek professional help.

It is well known that information is power, so you must be well-informed of all the steps to follow in this cancellation process or the complications that may arise.

Several professional attorneys are specialized in timeshares. You must be sure that the lawyer is reliable and can handle your case correctly, otherwise, it could cause more complications.

There are also several companies specializing in timeshare cancellation, which offer free consultations to answer your general questions on the subject.

If you already have a vacation membership and do not want to keep it, seek help from professionals in the field to make your process legal and easier.

These companies have more than twenty years of experience and are trained to help with these processes. Be very careful, as several companies pretend to be legitimate and end up keeping your membership and money.

You must know that you should not pay for any service in advance, this is the first mistake that people make for trusting and wanting to get out of this problem quickly. Be patient that everything can be solved.

Ask if you have questions about your situation, at Mexican Timeshare Solutions we offer a free consultation.

Do not get carried away by false promises, better fill yourself with necessary information to get out of that Golden Shores timeshare membership.

To receive more information about how to cancel your timeshare with Golden Shores, send a WhatsApp to +52 1 333 239 6589, fill in the contact form, or call us at +1 714 277 3662.

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