PALACE RESORTS Timeshare: What is a Palace resort?

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The name Palace was officially created in 2010 in France, with the purpose of enhancing the five-star hotels of great distinction, rewarding the excellence that bring splendor to French culture.

"Atout France" is the name of the agent in charge of coordinating the candidatures and promoting the 5 stars distinguished with the acclaimed "Palace" distinction, attributed after a study carried out in two phases.

The first phase, run by the agency itself, is based on objective requirements, such as the inclusion of a spa, a multilingual team, a concierge service or the speed of carrying luggage to the rooms.

The second phase of the examination is carried out by a commission of members located at the French Ministry of Tourism and is based on criteria such as location, architecture, a certain number of suites, aesthetics, history, the involvement of their service in the option to upgrade it.

Palace resorts in Mexico are located in diverse cities including the Riviera Maya and the Mexican Caribbean, offering large and extravagant establishments with of course high end hotel suites as well as magnificent timeshare units for those who are interested in owning one. As you can learn, the timeshare industry is very popular in Mexico as it hold the number one in sales.

Palace Resorts Membership

Every Palace resorts membership comes with a different wristband color, which indicates the Palace Elite membership level you are enrolled in (blacks is presidential members, silver is "regular" member, yellow is nonmember over 21. Purple is under 21. Pink is honeymooners). This way, all types of memberships include their respective benefits.

Salespeople at these incredible resorts will try to convince you into buying a Palace Resorts timeshare, or at least becoming a member. People get hooked on such memberships since the benefits seem pretty charming in the beginning, as they indicate in Palace resorts membership reviews.

For sales people, it is really easy to convince them to get a membership. This one is not cheap, but the all-inclusive luxurious experience and meals they promise, seem very attractive for clients. The opportunity to become part of the Palace Vacation Club, premium beverages, and access to many other "unique" benefits, as palace elite states, is what has made tourists enroll in the tricky membership.

Though this sounds wonderful and very attractive, the reality of owning a membership in palace resort turns out to be the same as owning a timeshare which takes us to invite you and do your research on Moon Palace timeshare reviews and see what we are talking about.

Moon Palace Timeshare Reviews

The big downside to buying a timeshare property is that things are not quite what the sales person is offering. This is also the case with the timeshares offered by Moon Palace resorts. The evidence of the Moon Palace timeshare reviews can be found on popular vacation review sites or blogs where timeshare buyers share their experiences of their ownership. Especially on TripAdvisor and Complaints Board, is where you can find such accusations and diverse bad experiences related to fraud when owning a Palace resorts membership.

As you can read, doing business in a place as Luxurious and distinguished as a Palace hotel, does not guarantee financial security. Reading Moon Palace timeshare reviews has opened the eyes of numerous clients looking for a fancy ownership in Palace hotel. This leads them to get a Palace resorts timeshare cancellation.

As you can see in this Red Week blog topic, a great amount of people look for a way to cancel their timeshare in Palace Resorts

Most of the time, the monthly fees end up being very high, such as the maintenance and cleaning fees. The owners know keeping up a property is expensive, but it ends up being not worthy of such payments, since they only use it once or twice a year.

Another common complaint about timeshares at Palace resorts is the lack of availability on dates the owners are trying to reserve. Many of them claim they could never use their property in years, so they feel totally scammed and want to cancel right away.

Palace Resorts Membership Reviews

The main complaints found in Palace resorts membership reviews are related to denying to members their promised benefits, such as extending the membership to five years for free. Many people claim they were promised this before signing the contract, as long as they keep 30 remaining weeks in their membership.

Some other members claim they request upgrading their membership as well, but the resort won't respond to any email or calls through the years. Which is very "Unethical" according to people who have experienced this. The rest of the complaints found in Palace Elite membership reviews are based on ruined holiday experiences related to terrible service and discounts that were not made valid.

Palace Elite, for example, is recognized as one of the top memberships Palace Resorts has to offer including the premier membership, since both offer unique benefits for being a member, as well as a resort credit of 1,500 USD as a gift as you become a member for the first time.

It is very common that after a year or less of being a member in these resorts, people get disappointed and look for help to get a Palace Elite membership cancellation.

Palace Elite Membership Cancellation

Even though this membership claims to offer endless benefits and deluxe experience for people who stay in the resort, it often ends up as a nightmare for them, like we mentioned in the poor reviews you can find in TripAdvisor, this membership is no different from the rest.

Most of the time, like, we advise people on just getting a timeshare cancellation instead of reselling or renting it, because this definitely leads to a major scam. The same thing happens with membership. Getting a Palace Elite membership cancellation might be your best option if you are having your promised services denied.

Have you found yourself in trouble trying to get rid of your timeshare? Are you suspicious of being a victim of a scam from Palace timeshare? Do you want a Palace Elite membership cancellation proceeded legally? 

We are here to help you, either you have been scammed or need consultation, don't hesitate to give us a call. Contact us here and save yourself from another financial disaster.

How to cancel Palace Elite membership?

To receive more information about a Palace Resorts timeshare and how to cancel your contract, send a WhatsApp to +52 1 333 239 6589, fill in the form in the contact section or call us at +1 714 277 3662.

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