Club Melia Timeshare: Why you Shouldn't Invest in One

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Timeshare sales are extremely successful in the travel industry and are a profitable business for resorts, where many vacationers end up buying a timeshare, and not because they wanted to, but because they were practically forced to do so.

In fact, club Melia is one of the bestsellers in the hotel industry, however, that doesn't make them a good purchase  

The timeshare industry continues to gain a bad reputation, yet there are many people who still fall for the lies and end up paying thousands of dollars for just a few days at their desired location.

As it is well known, in the timeshare business there are many scams, starting with the timeshare presentations in which terrible sales tactics are used to force visitors to buy a timeshare membership.

Such as in the case of Club Melia in Cancun, Quintana Roo, which sells memberships under the name of infinity Vacations, to attract people, as the term timeshare is highly impacted.

Club Melia Salespeople affirms to vacationers that by joining Infinity Vacations, they will have better benefits than a normal visitor, and most importantly, will be able to cancel their membership right there if they are not comfortable with it.

However, some Infinity Vacations memberships, although sold in Cancun, do not have cancellation clauses under Mexican Law and are regulated under the laws of the Dominican Republic, meaning that if a client bought a timeshare in Mexico and wishes to cancel it, they must do so in the Dominican Republic.

Furthermore, Club Melia Cancun also tells potential customers that with Infinity Vacations they will have the opportunity to enjoy different resorts in different cities or countries.

Of course, we all know that the seller only mentions this to get the client to sign the contract.

Sellers know that many people who travel would like to vacation this way, especially in resorts that have hotels in different countries.

They claim that by purchasing a timeshare in Club Melia Cancun, by next year, they will be able to travel to the Dominican Republic, since the resort has a branch or affiliated hotel in that country, etc.

This way, the client is assured of their stay (since they have already paid for it) and only has to worry about how to get there.

Unfortunately, because of this deceptive tactic used only to sell a timeshare, there are many clients who have become victims of timeshare fraud and never get to use their membership as the trading power is different from what they claim.

Most resorts in the timeshare industry, like Club Melia Cancun, are affiliated with an exchange network to allow their clients the alternative of trading their week to another property instead of returning to the same place at the same time.

Through Club Melia doesn't explain to clients how this really works.

The reality is that the trading power has to do with the place where the membership is purchased, the place will mean a lot in determining whether the exchange value is high or low.

For example, if the membership is purchased in Cancun, but the contract mentions that his headquartered is Puerto Vallarta, It does not have the same trading power, since the exchange rate in Puerto Vallarta is lower than it is in Cancun.

Meaning that if a person wants to vacation in Cancun, but the contract states that they are headquartered in Puerto Vallarta, then they will have to wait for availability in order to be eligible to vacation in Cancun.

Generally, Riviera Maya is one of the most quoted places, and if other clients bought in Cancun and their contract states that his headquartered is Cancun, they will have more preference.

This has consumers up in arms against what they call the RCI timeshare scam

The basic premise of RCI's timeshare exchange their timeshare with other members at other timeshare resorts around the world.

Customers however must pay an annual fee, and are also charged inflated hidden fees.

Ultimately, members soon learn that the fraudulent tactics of timeshare companies are also present in the RCI timeshare Scam.

For this reason and more, you should be very careful and read any documents in detail before signing.

If you were a victim of Club Melia's lies, the best solution to get out of the trap is to cancel the contract.

At Mexican Timeshare Solutions, we assist timeshare purchasers who have been scammed by fraudulent timeshare companies.

We do not request any upfront fees, meaning that, if our associates cannot cancel your timeshare contract successfully, you do not pay us a penny.

Contact Mexican Timeshare Solutions today for a free consultation and professional advice on how to get rid of your timeshare contract.

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