Cheap Timeshare for Sale: What are the Reasons?

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Most people have the idea that timeshares are an expensive purchase, and this idea is not always mistaken.

Timeshare companies sell their units for thousands of dollars, on the premise that they are a great investment.

However, lots of timeshare owners are desperate to get rid of such “investments” given the financial responsibilities that they carry. 

That is why, nowadays, it is not unusual to find a timeshare for sale cheap.

Learn more about cheap timeshares and how they work.

Timeshare Industry

Timeshare ownership is one of the fastest-growing segments of the travel industry, and although people joke about how horrible investments they are, there are many people who still keep paying lots of money for them.

According to ARDA (American Resort Development Association), in 2013, with 5300 resorts in 108 countries, the timeshare industry generated over $45 billion.

On the other hand, timeshares do not have a great reputation.

Thousands of vacationers around the world have become victims of timeshare scams, and the figure continues to rise every year.

Cheap Timeshares for Sale

If you take a look on eBay, you will certainly find a cheap timeshare for sale by owner. Some time shares are sold for even less than a dollar.

Unfortunately, the majority of timeshare presentations, if not all, are high-pressure and misleading, and they use all types of deceptive sales tactics to get a sale done.

Numerous vacation property owners often buy with the statement that they will be able to resell their unit for an equal price to what they originally paid, but timeshare prices have plummeted, and most of them have no other choice, but to put up their unit for sale for a really low price.

Timeshare = Expenses

A cheap timeshare for sale is not a good deal. Even when the timeshare is paid in full, there are still lots of financial responsibilities attached to it.

These are some of the timeshare fees that need to be covered by the owner:

  • Special assessment fees, which are charged every time that remodeling takes place at the resort, or when a natural disaster has occurred
  • Trading fees, in case the owner wants to join an exchange program
  •  Membership fees, which are charged to owners that want to get “extra benefits” from the resort

NOTE: All of these fees must be paid, whether you use your timeshare or not.

Getting Out of Your Timeshare

The good news about a cheap timeshare for sale is that there is a way to get out of the contract.

At Mexican Timeshare Solutions, we specialize in canceling timeshare contracts.  

As specialists in the timeshare industry, we are committed to offering timeshare help in a fast, friendly and experienced service to clients.

Our associates have several years of experience in the timeshare industry and are successfully able to resolve timeshare scam cases in an ethical and professional manner. 

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