Grand Miramar Timeshare Cancellation Testimonial: Phil & Yvonne

My wife and I own a timeshare in Las Vegas, and another points vacation plan plus a timeshare in Puerto Vallarta. While in Puerto Vallarta we went to visit the Grand Miramar timeshares and we thought they were beautiful, however we couldn't buy there because we owned 3 others. The salesman at Grand Miramar made us a proposition that they would buy 2 of our timeshares (we won't sell Las Vegas) and they offered us $20,000 for one of them and $18,000 for the other, the paperwork they gave us said the money would be paid to us within 60 days GUARANTEED! So we bought and gave them $8000.00 down. When we got back home and did not get our GUARANTEED money within the 60 days I started checking things out. I found out the company they set us up with to buy our timeshares does not exist. The Grand Miramar told us they had nothing to do with our contract to sell our other timeshares and that if we didn't pay them the $15000.00 balance we owed them they would send us to collections in the U.S.

Grand Miramar Timeshare Cancellation Testimonial by Phil & Yvonne

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