Grand Bay Timeshare Cancellation Testimonial Nicole

Grand Bay Timeshare Cancellation Testimonial Nicole

Prior to seeking cancellation of my Villa Group timeshare I tried to sell it, rent it, and even give it away for free.  I fell victim to a resale scam ($1400) for a guarantee to sell the share at a profit within 6 months.  The offer was fake.

Looking to rid myself of it I found Mexican Timeshare Solution to be the only company that didn't charge an upfront fee.  There may be others now.  I was unable to find any conclusive info about them online.  But there were no negative reports so I decided to give them a try.

I signed the contract . My main expectation had been to cancel the timeshare and avoid paying in excess of $16,000 to $20,000 or more in maintenance fees over the next 26 years.  The process took about 4 months but my timeshare contract is cancelled.  I did verify the cancellation directly with the resort before submitting payment to Mexican Timeshare Solutions.  They didn't pressure me to pay them until I was fully satisfied.

Therefore I recommend MTS to others facing the same predicament.

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