Cabo Villas Timeshare Cancellation Testimonial Madeline & Zack

 Three years ago, my family and I went on vacation in Cancun, and were deceived into purchasing a timeshare.  We were lied to regarding almost every aspect of this timeshare, including: whether we would have to pay an annual fee even if we don’t use the timeshare, how many people are allowed to stay in the room, and the ease of renting out the timeshare.  It was presented to us as an investment opportunity, but has cost us thousands of dollars instead.  We were told that a 3rd party company has a 99% success rate in renting out timeshares, yet when we tried using this company, for which we also paid a membership fee, they were unable to rent our timeshare for several years.  We also tried renting out the timeshare on eBay, with no luck.  We even tried renting to our friends and relatives, as well as giving rental weeks as presents, but that did not work, either.  So we were stuck having to pay continuously increasing annual fees, without any possibility of recovering any of this money.

When we went back to the resort on vacation ourselves last year, the resort representatives invited us to a 1.5 hour presentation over brunch.  They asked us about how we were enjoying our timeshare, and when we listed our complaints, they pretended to be concerned and offered us a “great solution,” to give them more money to buy a larger room because there is more demand for it.  At this point, we had wasted another half a day of our vacation, and I told them flat out that we would only be satisfied if they returned part of our money, rather than by asking us to pay additional fees in the hopes of earning our money back.  The meeting ended on a very hostile note, and we were in a bad mood for the rest of our vacation.

 Up to this point, I had done many online searches about how to get out of a timeshare, and all I had found were complaints from other victims about having been scammed, but nobody seemed to have found a solution.  Everyone seemed to have the same sense of desperation and regret that we did.  I then came across the Mexican Timeshare Solutions website.  It was the only timeshare cancellation/refund company that did not have negative reviews, and did not ask for any upfront fees.  When I contacted them, they told me it was unlikely that we would get our money back, but they did promise that they would make sure our contract was cancelled.  I read the contract that MTS sent several times, since this timeshare scam has made me very distrustful, but this contract seemed legitimate.  Vanessa from Mexican Timeshare Solutions worked with us for several months, and she was wonderful!  She responded to all of our concerns very quickly and always kept us in the loop about their progress.  She finally emailed us several weeks ago to tell us that the timeshare company has agreed to cancel our contract and refund a large portion of our money, which even exceeded the expectations that she originally set for us. We are so grateful to finally put this nightmare behind us.  Thank you so much to Mexican Timeshare Solutions for making this possible!

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