Mayan Palace Timeshare Cancellation Testimonial Oscar & Jazmin

We purchased a timeshare at the Mayan Palace in 2007, and regretted it immediately.  We were pressured into the purchase and told that our unit would rent out every month and pay for itself in "no time".  We found out after a few months that this was far from true - it never rented out even once!   As it turned out, the rental company the Mayan referred us to did not do a thing to help us rent out the timeshare, and wanted even more money to get us "priority" advertising after we already paid several hundred dollars with no results. 

We are so happy we found Mexican Timeshare Solutions!  For months, we tried to work with the Mayan to cancel our contract - even asking them to cancel it and just keep all of the money we had already paid, and they still wouldn't let us out of it!  We found Mexican Timeshare Solutions when searching the web for help.  At first we were wary that this too might be a scam.  But we did some additional research on-line and finally called to set up an appointment for a free consultation.  The investigator we talked to shared that they don't ask for any money up front, and only get paid if they get the contract canceled, and then receive 20% of any money they are able to recover.  We weren't expecting to have any of our money recovered in the first place, so we happily agreed to pay if they were successful.  They sent us a contract documenting all of the details.  Then they reviewed our situation and agreed to take our case.  Within a few months, not only were they able to get the Mayan to cancel our contract, but they were even able to get back a good portion of the money we thought we had lost forever!!

The investigators and staff at Mexican Timeshare Solutions were very helpful, knowledgeable and courteous.  We would recommend this company to anyone who has been taken advantage of by a timeshare scam!  Thank you, Mexican Timeshare Solutions!!

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