Pueblo Bonito Timeshare Cancellation Testimonial-Barbara & Ken

Our Family purchased a time share in Cabo while on vacation using an exchange from another timeshare we own in Las Vegas.  We were convinced into purchasing three weeks and told that we could easily rent them out to cover the purchase price and make some gain.

The following year we were invited to return to the resort and we them told the sale staff that we had not been able to rent our weeks out even if we had used the recommended agency.  They told us that we should upgrade and that then we would rent for sure.  Not being happy with the response and wanting to get out of this wrongful contract we got into we decided to contact the lawyers at Mexican Timeshare Solutions and they were very helpful in building our case and contacting the resort to ensure that they were aware of our claim and that we wanted a full refund of the purchase price

Over a few months the lawyers at Timeshare Scam remained in contact with us and the resort and before we knew it we received an offer from the resort to refund the full amount of purchased

I would recommend the people at Mexican Timeshare Solutions for their professionalism and discretion in helping to solve our problem

Barbara & Ken

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