Grand miramar Timeshare Cancellation Testimonial-Lorey & James

My husband and I am very thankful for " Mexican Timeshare Solutions" .

This company helped us in a time when we realized that we had been victims of 3 Timeshare Companies.

The pattern of getting us involved was always the same: Smooth talk with more or less large cash or gifts in other forms. All of the sudden I panicked, realizing that I was trapped and had no way to get out again. Monthly maintenance fees unending and accommodation was limited to certain times and only on a weekly basis were just some of my concerns. We had to plan our holidays according to the Timeshare Company instead our own.

To my surprise I saw a testimony in the internet of a very grateful woman , who praised " Mexican Timeshare Solution" for the successful and professional service she received.
I then got in touch with the company as well and can only say the same thing.

My husband and I are greatly relieved that we were able to cancel all three Timeshares in Mexico . The people we dealt with very extremely encouraging when we needed a sense of hope.

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