Raintree Vacation Club Timeshare Cancellation Testimonial-Daniel & Janeth

Contacting Mexican Timeshare Solutions was the best decision my husband and I made.  We as many other people were deceived by Raintree.  We purchased the membership and paid all in a lump sum and then continued paying the maintenance fee for several years and we only got to use their services 4 to 5 times.  Every time we called them for reservations, the answer was “no availability”.  We were so frustrated, so we requested cancellation of the contract without asking for money back which they did not accept stating that it was impossible to break the contract and we were under obligation to continue paying the maintenance fee which of course every year was higher. So, we decided to look for legal help.

We found in the internet Mexican Timeshare Solutions and read the testimonials of many people like us that had been scammed.  We learned that Timeshare Solutions specializes in helping people to cancel their timeshares contracts, so we immediately contacted them. They were very cooperative and answered all the questions we had and put our minds at ease.  They handled our case in a professional manner and were successful in obtaining the cancellation of the contract with Raintree.

We are very grateful to Mexican Timeshare Solutions and we would recommend them to anybody that wants to stop these types of fraud.

Thank you Mexican Timeshare Solutions,

Daniel& Janeth

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