Villa del Palamar Timeshare Cancellation Testimonial-Kate & George

After signing a contract to purchase a timeshare in Mexico, we found its execution unsatisfactory and our down payment in jeopardy.  Subsequently, we noticed an advertisement in “Timesharing Today” magazine by Mexican Timeshare Solutions offering assistance in such matters.

We were pleased that fees involved would be paid from any monies recovered, and not due until said funds were in our account.  Mexican Timeshare Solutions was up front about their fee and the negotiation time span.  They did an excellent job in keeping us informed of progress and provided useful recommendations.  In the end they were successful and we are grateful for their effort.

Our goals were met and a large part of our down payment was returned.  In addition, we felt that the principles of our issue were rightly served.  As active timeshare owners of over 30 years, we were distressed by the lack of ethics practiced by the resort’s sales organization.  We appreciate the support of Mexican Timeshare Solutions in helping to challenge these deceptive practices, and are completely satisfied with our relationship with them.


Kate & George

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