Sunset group Timeshare Cancellation Testimonial-Kevin P.

Dear Jose Gonzalez:

I would like to thank you and your associates for getting back my deposit of almost $11,000 from Sunset Lagoon.   You delivered as promised and handled yourselves in a professional, courteous, and empathetic manner.  Those of us coming to you in this situation feel deceived, lie to, and taken advantage of.  You did your best to make me feel better about the situation.

We felt very uneasy after we reluctantly agreed to purchase 2 weeks at Sunset Lagoon.  What they promised seemed too good to be true and obviously was.

My wife and I went to the presentation at Sunset Lagoon with the intent of attending for the prescribed 90 minutes, getting our gifts and enjoying the rest of the day in Cancun. We made three attempts to leave and were forced to meet and listen to several “supervisors” to ask us a few questions before giving us our gifts. We ended up leaving 5 hours later having reluctantly purchased 2 weeks, a very nice resort, but not one I ever planned on staying in.

We were promised if we traded in our weeks back to them there was a company (Dreams RSI) with a list of high end corporate customers waiting to buy our weeks at full price. With our calculations we would pay for the 2 weeks ($49,000) within 2 ½ years and still have about 20 weeks to use. Looking back it is certainly hard to believe we. The dollar signs were sparkling in our eyes. That is the ONLY reason we considered buying.

We were also told we had to sign a document giving up our 5 day right to cancel the contract. Again, I was reluctant to agree to this, but they came up with a plausible reason for it. As it turned out this is not legal.  They supposedly made copies of all the documents, but when I looked in my packet several incriminating documents were not there. It is hard to keep track of all the papers signed in the transaction, so I didn’t notice when a few were not there.

When I got home I did an internet search on Sunset Lagoon timeshares and my heart sank. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Everything that happened to the numerous people I read about in blogs happened to me. I felt like such a sucker.

I called the company that was to sell my weeks (Dreams RSI) and I kept hearing dogs barking and children yelling in the background. Not the sounds you expect to hear from a high-end professional timeshare trading company. The woman on the phone sounded like she was sitting in her house rather than an office. The more calls I made, the worse I felt.

After weeks of searching online I saw your firm mentioned in a blog. I called, spoke first to Cindy and yourself and started to feel better. Having to give you an $899 deposit made me feel I could be taken advantage of again. I am glad you are not requiring that anymore. That should reduce the anxiety people feel when first hiring you.  I guarantee the people calling you for situations like this are feeling a lot of anxiety.

The process took longer than I originally anticipated, but in the end you called and gave me the great news.  The fee paid to you may be an expensive lesson learned by us, but it is well worth the relief of this burden.  Thank you very much for relieving me of such a financial mistake.


Kevin & Karen

Very satisfied clients

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