Villa del Palmar Timeshare Cancellation Testimonial-Daniel & Cheryl

We would like to recommend the services of Mexican Timeshare Solutions to any timeshare scam victims, like us that bought a timeshare in Mexico.

We know the despair and distrust that one feels when after being ripped off in a foreign country. For us, it was difficult to trust, but we were willing to work with Mexican Timeshare Solutions because they offered their services on a contingency basis. We felt more secure when told us that we would not pay a penny more, until they get results necessary.

We are pleased to have made that decision, especially because we did not have to send any more of our money to Villa del Palmar. All of the staff at Mexican Timeshare Solutions were kind to us all the time. I was very scared and contacted them constantly. They always answered all my questions and were available with a positive attitude. When they were not free, they returned my calls immediately.

Definitely the service was slowly making me feel more secure, and most importantly, the continued communication with us showed they were working as hard on our behalf.

For sure, without Mexican Timeshare Solutions we would not have been able to cancel our contract.

Villa del Palmar Timeshare Cancellation Testimonial-Daniel & Cheryl

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