NH Krystal Timeshare Cancellation Testimonial: Bill & Juliette

We went to Cancun to enjoy a pleasant holiday, but unfortunately we were invited to a timeshare presentation at Krystal where we wasted 8 hours of our vacation time, and were scammed out of thousands of dollars.

My husband is a very hard worker and a very good businessman, so when they told us about the business of renting timeshare weeks and other lies, we were led to believe it was true. Now it is obvious that anything that the Krystal salespeople told us was not true. We have spent over 2 years trying to get our money back and not only that, during those months we received letters from Concord Servicing Corporation, a collections agency, saying that if we did not pay the maintenance fee that we had, Krystal would affect our credit. We had been told that we would only have to pay maintenance fees if we used the membership, proving everything they told us from start to finish was pure lies.

Luckily my brother, knowing how desperate we were to get rid of the timeshare, handed me the contact information for Mexican Tmeshare Solutions and I quickly got in touch with them. After a few months they canceled our contract and ensured that our credit would not be affected.

We are grateful to Mexican Timeshare Solutions and will definitely recommend them to all people who have been scammed by Krystal.

NH Krystal Timeshare Cancellation Testimonial by Bill & Juliette

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