Grand Miramar Timeshare Cancellation Testimonial: Andrew & Rebecca

We are among many other people who visited Mexico, were invited to a presentation at Miramar, and were pressured into buying a membership did not want. We insisted that we did not want to buy, but they would not let us leave until we signed up for a membership.

A few months later, we started having financial difficulties. We talked to Miramar to explain our situation and how it was difficult to meet our monthly payments, but they rudely told us that they could not do anything for us and practically forced us to continue giving them our money.

It did not make sense for us to have a timeshare if we didn’t even have any money to travel to the location. My wife is a very determined person and did everything possible to find a solution, and eventually heard about Mexican Timeshare Solutions. They gave us a free consultation and we decided to hire their services. Since them we have not given Miramar any more money.

This experience helped us to forget this timeshare. We made a mistake, but fortunately we found Mexican Timeshare Solutions who helped us solve our problem.

Grand Miramar Timeshare Cancellation Testimonial by Andrew & Rebecca

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