Raintree Vacation Club Timeshare Scam Testimonial: Jean & Frank

We want to thank Mexican Timeshare Solutions  for helping us to cancel our contract with Raintree so quickly and easily. We told Mexican Timeshare Solutions the service and results we were expecting from the time we first contacted them. Before speaking to Mexican Timeshare Solutions, we tried to contact Raintree but our efforts seemed in vain. Nobody wanted to talk to us, and they always promised to return our calls, but we waited for days with no reply.

We have already recommended Mexican Timeshare Solutions to several of our friends and will continue to do so. Our experience with Mexican Timeshare Solutions was very good and with closed eyes we would recommend them and trust that all clients receive the same service we received.

Raintree Vacation Club Timeshare Scam Testimonial by Jean & Frank

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