Royal Holiday Timeshare Cancellation Testimonial: Robert & Karen

First of all I would like to thank your firm for your help in resolving the issues I had with Royal Holiday.

My dilemma started a few years ago when my husband and I took a trip to Aruba. We bought into a time share with this company with about $1.500.00 U.S. up front.  We were so excited because of all the wonderful promises that were made to us regarding the availability of time shares in Canada, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, and Mexico.  We had no idea that this would be a start to a very long nightmare.

We encountered lies, deception, and continued thievery from this company.  Every time I tried to make a reservation during off season, the locations were never available, and they tried to steer you to another location which would cost you additional money.

I was brought to tears on a few occasions after speaking with their representatives.  On the occasion when I got a representative who could speak English clearly and appeared to be helpful, they would no longer be working for the company by the next time I called.

On my last attempt to make a reservation and being told that nothing was available in Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. I was told that the only availability was in Mexico and only the all-inclusive locations were available which would cost us an additional $120 more per day.  I declined and planned my vacation myself.

After receiving the maintenance fee which was significantly increased earlier this year, I decided that enough was enough.  I then hired a lawyer who took me for $2,000 U.S. and claimed that there was not much he could do and just returned my files to me one day.  I was hurt and in tears again.  Then, I hired another lawyer and he said that RH did not respond to his phone calls or written correspondence, another $500 down the drain with no results.  I felt that everyone was basically raping my husband and I and I wanted out.  I prayed and started doing research myself online.

One day I read the testimonial of a couple who had bought their time share in Mexico from RH and were able to get their contract voided. I was very nervous, but prayed some more for desired results.  I called your firm and spoke to Miguel.

Miguel made me feel like he really cared and there was such sincerity in his voice over the phone.  I figured that I did not have much more to lose when he told me that he would try to help.  The terms were very reasonable because payment was not due until they got positive results.  The end results took only a few short months and surpassed anything that I ever expected.


In the end your firm got my contract canceled and the refund I received was more than what I had already paid out for legal fees.

Please let it be known that I would gladly recommend anyone doing business with your firm.  My experience left me feeling that not all is lost in our world where there are still some good, honest individuals left out there who do have morals, and compassion.

Again, Robert and I would like to thank everyone at your firm for their time, dedication and help.


Here’s wishing you all lots of success, and prosperity for years to come.


Royal Holiday Timeshare Cancellation Testimonial by Robert & Karen

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