Royal Holiday Timeshare Cancellation Testimonial: Peter & Suzanne

Our family went on vacation in Mexico in December 2006.  While there, we caved into the sales pitch pressure and bought a timeshare.  After a sleepless night we looked at the contract we signed and saw we had 5 business days to cancel.  We did everything required to cancel the contract, but were told by the company’s lawyer that we could not cancel and they would take us to court if we pursued it any further. We felt this was not right, but did not know what else to do.  In 2009, we noticed an advertisement for Mexican Timeshare Solutions and notified them.  My husband and I were extremely hesitant to get involved in another money making scam.  Mexican Timeshare Solutions reassured us that they would be working for us and asked for no money up front. In fact, if they were not able to get anything resolved for us, we owed them nothing. Mexican Timeshare Solutions were very professional with every interaction and kept us informed on their progress throughout the whole process.  After six months, the contract was finally cancelled although, unfortunately, there was no money refunded from the timeshare company, which would have been our ultimate goal.  We are happy to be free of the timeshare we never wanted from the beginning. We only wish we would had heard of them sooner!

Thank you Mexican Timeshare Solutions for your hard work on our behalf.

Royal Holiday Timeshare Cancellation Testimonial by  Peter & Suzanne

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