Mayan Palace Timeshare Cancellation Testimonial - Tanya & Steve

My husband and I used Mexican Timeshare Solutions to help us cancel two timeshare memberships. I had owned one timeshare for 18 years, but could no longer afford the maintenance fees. MTS was able to get that membership cancelled quickly (in two months). The second timeshare membership was a recent purchase that we felt we had been “conned” into buying. MTS was able to get our contract cancelled quickly (about 3three months) and even recovered some money for us.
Two different representatives from Mexican Timeshare Solutions worked on our contracts. Both were great at keeping us informed and advising us on what to do and say when contacted by the resorts. They gave us regular updates on their plans of action (which differed due to the different resorts and length of time we had owned the memberships).
We are grateful for the job that MTS did for us. We had been contemplating just ignoring the maintenance fees and letting both timeshares foreclose, but with Mexican Timeshare Solution’s help we didn’t have to do that, which means that our credit rating was not affected. Thanks again MTS. You guys ROCK!!

Mayan Palace Timeshare Cancellation Testimonial by Tanya & Steve

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