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Free Timeshare Vacations

If you are a regular vacationer, you have probably heard of this method of getting a vacation for “free” at a timeshare resort which main goal is to sell you a vacation timeshare of some sort.

The timeshare resort will offer you a free or cheap lodging for two or three nights at the resort in exchange for you agreeing to attend a 90-120 minutes timeshare presentation during your stay. You...

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Buy a TIMESHARE, What FEES are Involved ?

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If you are thinking of buying a timeshare, you should do your research before signing anything.

You have to keep in mind all the terms and conditions established in the contract, and you must know what fees are involved in buying a timeshare.

Even though most people hate them, timeshares still remain one of the top sellers in the...

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TIMESHARE TRADE: The Challenges, Secrets and Your Options

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During timeshare presentations, people are frequently told that it is possible to travel around the world when buying a timeshare.

Although this is not always a lie, the stark truth is that doing a timeshare trade is easier said than done. In fact, there are many timeshare owners who have never been able to achieve a timeshare exchange.


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TATW Incorporated: Beware of Timeshare Frauds in Mexico

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While vacationing in Mexico, many people become victims of timeshare scams. Learn more about TATW Incorporated and how to keep yourself away from this fraud

Mexico is internationally known for its beautiful beaches and surroundings, which make it one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

As the second country with more timeshare developments...

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Timeshare Exchange: What You need to Know Before Trading Your Ownership

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In recent years, timeshares have gained an incredible popularity. Timeshare sales are an extremely profitable business for the resorts, and the salespeople would say anything in order to get a sale done.

During timeshare presentations, it is very likely that the salespeople will make loads of verbal promises and attractive gifts for you to...

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