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Donating your Timeshare [WITHOUT GETTING SCAMMED]

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In Mexico, it's really common for timeshare owners to give up on their properties due to the scammer sales people and fraudulent companies flooding the touristic industry.

Nowadays, timeshare cancellation companies are really used to listen to this kind of stories from clients who all they want to do is ditch their timeshares.


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How to Terminate Ownership of a Time Share

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Let’s admit it: Time share scams are on the rise, and trying to get out of the contract can be a big headache! The truth is, however, that a time share can be a good-quality purchase for those who enjoy revisiting the same vacation spot every year, but certainly not for most people.

Unfortunately, timeshare presentations are awfully...

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Timeshare Transfer: Acomprehensive Guide to Consider Before Taking Action

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As it’s been said in most of our articles, when an owner cannot afford a timeshare anymore, there is a vast array of timeshare solutions to consider as an option to get rid of that timeshare, and one of these options is doing a transfer.

Before taking any formal decision, it is important to document the pros and cons of every option...

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Decoding Timeshare Donation: The Risks and SCAMS

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When trying to get rid of a timeshare, many options come to the surface; one of these options is timeshare donation.

The big question is: Is doing a timeshare donation a viable option? The reason why people consider this choice is because of the possibility of receiving a tax deduction.

What people should know first is that you don’t...

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Timeshare Charity Donation: Understanding the Real Value and Potential Pitfalls

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Are you tired of the timeshare week you are obligated to pay maintenance fees on, or just can't afford it? Should you rent it? Sell it? Perhaps doing a timeshare charity donation?

Timeshare charity donation and fair market value

The tax deduction you can receive out of a timeshare charity donation is limited to the "fair market value" of your...

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Timeshare Donation To Charity - How To Proceed?

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Timeshare owners wishing to  do a timeshare donation to charity are calling MTS, wondering about it.

With the economy as it is today, reselling a timeshare is becoming next to impossible, even with prices close to zero.

The answer to people looking to do a timeshare charity donation technically is yes, but...

Timeshare charity donation...

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Donate Timeshare Scam: Navigating the Maze of Good, Bad, and Unwanted Choices

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Know if a timeshare is good or bad, and what is your best option when wanting to unload an undesired timeshare?You might be desperate, as the next payment is due soon.

Read carefully and make the right choices, as you don't want to waste more money on a timeshare scam.

The story

John and Mary went on a vacation and were invited for a free ...

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Timeshare cancellation or donation should not cost you upfront!

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Never pay upfront to cancel or donate your timeshare. If you do, you might be losing more money down the drain. Learn how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud when looking for relief from your timeshare purchase.

Timeshare cancellation

The timeshare industry is growing rapidly, with more companies preying on timeshare fraud victims.

If ...

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