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How to Deal With Timeshare Collection Agencies

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Many timeshare owners could think about stopping paying their timeshares, especially those who are tired of paying expensive fees.

This decision could be a huge mistake, because the resort can affect your credit score by sending you to a collection agency.

Read this article to learn how to deal with timeshare collection agencies.

Sick of ...

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Exposing Premier Property Management: Timeshare Resale Scam

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Thinking of reselling your timeshare? Beware of timeshare resale companies that might get you scammed.

There are a considerable number of solutions regarding timeshares. In these times of global economic difficulty, it is very common to hear from timeshare owners who want to get rid of their membership.

We know from many of our clients...

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Dealing with Concord Servicing Corporation and Getting Rid of Your Timeshare

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Tired of paying expensive fees every year, many timeshare owners simply decide to stop paying the resort.

That could be a huge mistake. Beware of collection agencies that can affect your credit score.

Timeshare contracts must follow the regulations established in the country where the purchase was made; therefore, there are many timeshare...

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Credit Card Disputes to Recover Money From Timeshare Fraud: Understanding The Pros and Cons

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The first idea one would have to recover a down payment from a timeshare developer is to dispute the credit card charges. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of making this move.

Helpful or just another delay.

Recent victims of timeshare fraud turn to their credit card company for help canceling their timeshare purchase.

Unfortunately, this...

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Timeshare Debt Collections? Can The Resort Affect My Credit Score?

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The main reason people stick to their timeshares is that they are afraid that the resort will affect their credit score if they stop paying for it.

Learn the possible outcomes you, as a client, have to cancel your timeshare while also protecting your credit score at the same time.

My timeshare went into collections

Many clients contact...

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