How to Cancel a Grand Oasis Timeshare Membership?

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Planning a vacation is never a simple task; there are so many aspects to consider. Where will you stay? What activities will you do? How will you adjust your plans to your budget? For these and many other reasons, many people find the membership and timeshare services offered by certain resorts highly appealing.

Memberships often cover everything you need for a perfect vacation: private suites, spa services, beverages, and much more.

However, it's important to remember that at the end of the day, memberships and timeshares are a business, and as with all businesses, "the house always wins."

No matter how enticing a membership may seem, it's unlikely to be a good purchase, and it's entirely impossible to use it to the fullest. If you are dissatisfied with your Hotel Grand Oasis membership, this article is for you.

  1. Introduction
  2. Hotel Grand Oasis: Timeshares and other options
  3. Rewards Programs and Timeshares - Why Do People Sign Up?
    a. Are Rewards Programs and Timeshares Worth It?
  4. Why Cancel?
  5. How to Cancel?

Hotel Grand Oasis: Timeshares and other Options

The Grand Oasis resort offers two programs of interest to recurring customers: the classic timeshare and its rewards program, O Rewards. Each has its own benefits:

Timeshare: A timeshare plan is a contract that grants you rights to a resort property for monthly and annual fees. These plans come in various forms and are highly sought after by those who have similar vacation periods every year or are more interested in the property than the resort's services.

O Rewards Program: With this service, you can access exclusive discounts and services. There are three membership levels available, each offering more benefits than the previous one.

These benefits include special offers, discounts on luxury services provided by the resort, and overall improvements to your accommodation. It's ideal for those who enjoy extra resort services and frequently stay at resorts within the same franchise.

Timeshare plans are perfect for people who have a favorite vacation destination, travel in similar time periods every year, prefer paying their services in advance, or aren’t particularly interested in deluxe services provided by the resort, such as spas.

Memberships, on the other hand, are ideal for those interested in deluxe services provided by a resort, often travel and to different locations and have a favoritism for a specific resort.

Rewards Programs and Timeshares - Why Do People Sign Up?

As mentioned earlier, rewards programs and timeshares are popular among people with a favorite vacation destination or resort franchise.

If you plan to travel to the same destination multiple times, whether in the same year or in different years, discounts and prepaid resort properties can seem like a great deal at first glance.

However, this is not the only reason people might be inclined to purchase a timeshare or join a membership. Some common reasons include:

Exclusive Content: Many memberships are promoted with exclusive content. This can take various forms, from making content available that is not otherwise accessible to making exclusive content more accessible through preferential treatment or discounts.

Timeshares are similar in that their very existence is exclusive content, or more precisely, unrestricted access to exclusive resort properties.

Resort Privileges: Many times, purchasing a membership or a high-cost product (such as a timeshare) results in preferential treatment by the resort, from preference when requesting services to close monitoring of issues with the resort and its services.

Community: Being a distinguished customer and, having access to services and places that not everyone has, creates a sense of belonging to a club. This often translates into connecting with other customers of the same product.

Communities created by ownership of a specific luxury good are a very important and very common form of publicity for luxury goods and services because the sense of belonging and the possibility of easily connecting with other people in the same group make products more appealing.

Communication and Updates: A membership allows you to stay informed about resort news. For an interested customer, this is extremely useful because it allows you to stay up-to-date on temporary offers and promotions.

Are Rewards Programs Worth It?

Analyzing the reasons why people often subscribe to memberships and buy timeshares, it seems like all the advantages - exclusive products, discounts, and even connecting with others.

But it's essential to remember that memberships and timeshares, regardless of the benefits they offer at the time of sale, are ultimately a businesses.

Like any business, they will seek to take your money and avoid spending resources on you. Here are some essential considerations before buying a timeshare or subscribing to a membership:

Monthly and Annual Fees: Both memberships and timeshares come with monthly and annual fees, and in the case of timeshares, it's expected that the price will increase every year, and you'll have to pay extra for property damages (whether caused by your visit or external factors).

Membership Levels: Many memberships present themselves with different levels, meaning there are different types of memberships you can subscribe to, each one better than the previous and each with its own requirements.

This is a technique to convince you to pay for the highest level (or meet the required requirement) by making it seem like a better option than it really is.

Real Uses of Memberships: Memberships have limited uses, essentially serving as an investment that is only useful for vacationing.

More specifically, a membership with a resort will only be useful while you stay at hotels within the same franchise and only if you're interested in the luxury services the resort offers.

Membership Limitations: Many of the benefits of memberships are subject to availability, so if you plan on staying during a crowded period, you're highly likely not to be able to enjoy the benefits your membership promises.

Real Uses of Timeshares: Timeshares, similar to memberships, serve only as vacation property. Their market value is nonexistent, so they are not suitable as an investment, and gifting them away is a difficult and annoying process. For this reason, they are better suited for personal use.

Why cancel?

Canceling the plan or membership may sound abrupt or excessive, but it is, in reality, your best option. Here are some reasons why canceling your plan or membership could be the ideal choice for you:

Cost: If you cancel your membership or timeshare plan, all payments will immediately cease, and you will no longer have to plan your activities and finances around paying a monthly fee or using your membership to keep it active.

Peace of Mind: Canceling your plan or membership with a lawyer, in addition to the economic benefits already mentioned, makes the process much more straightforward, and you won't have to deal with tactics aimed at stopping you by the resort.

How Do I Cancel?

Canceling a timeshare can be highly troublesome and embarrassing if you don't know what to do. If this is your case, your best option will almost always be to hire a lawyer.

This often intimidates many people because hiring a lawyer is expensive, but as we have already mentioned in this article, hiring a lawyer will always end up being more effective and cost-effective in the long run than trying to get rid of the plan in any other way.

Additionally, with the help of a lawyer, you can cancel your contract at any time; otherwise, you would have to rely on the grace period provided by law for timeshare purchases (5 business days). If you don't know of a lawyer qualified for timeshare cancellations or there isn't one in your vicinity, there's no need to worry.

There are companies that can connect you with a qualified lawyer and guide you through the process. Just like in life, you need to be sure that you choose a legitimate lawyer or timeshare cancellation company.

A good sign to look for in your purchases and services, not only when canceling timeshares, is to avoid companies that want to charge you upfront, and more specifically, in the case of canceling timeshares, it's good to avoid lawyers and companies that promise full refunds of your payments to the resort or charge for consultations.


Memberships and timeshares are common marketing strategies among travelers interested in a specific vacation destination or franchise of specific resorts. Both are presented as bonuses to enhance the vacation experience.

To sell these bonuses, they try to overwhelm you with the supposed benefits they entail, completely ignoring their limitations, such as being subject to availability, having increasing monthly and annual fees, and offering limited uses.

In case you lose interest in a membership or timeshare, the best option to get rid of them will always be to contact a lawyer for their assistance in canceling the membership.

Going directly to a lawyer is always a better option than trying to cancel on your own by dealing with the resort, as the resort will try to put obstacles in your way or even attempt to take advantage of any lack of knowledge about the law regarding services like memberships, timeshares, and consumer rights in general.

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