How to cancel Infinity Luxury Travel membership?

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Timeshares have become a popular topic in the tourism industry in Mexico. These types of properties have seen a significant increase in sales, but have also become known for their terrible reputation.

Vacation units are a convenient way to vacation according to resorts. Some people consider planning a vacation ahead of time but without any type of membership or vacation package.

Most people who buy everything on a trip separately end up saving more money than timeshares. A timeshare has fees that you will have to pay constantly.

Infinity Luxury Travel is a vacation club mainly located in Cancun, Mexico. The vacation club sells you the ideal vacation idea, which is why it has several timeshare owners.

If you are considering purchasing a timeshare with Infinity Luxury, you need to be aware of all the problems that this can cause over time. Being a timeshare owner is not as easy as it seems.

It is common for owners to not be fully aware of what it means to be a timeshare owner. Today, there are many websites where you can find timeshare complaints. This will help you to be aware of all the experiences of past or current owners.

One of the main complaints of timeshares is:

  • The price
  • Poor customer service
  • Frauds

How much does a timeshare cost?

There is no exact amount for timeshares. All these vacation units have a down payment but, throughout the time you purchased the unit, you will have to pay extra fees which increase drastically every year. That is, if you acquired your timeshare with Infinity Luxury for 50 years, those are the years that you will be paying each year for maintenance fees and more.

It is not easy to maintain a timeshare, but many owners do not know this since they do not know everything that includes having a timeshare. You should consider the extra fees if you want to continue with your timeshare.

Another complaint is poor customer service. Unfortunately, Infinity Luxury has gotten a very bad rap in recent months. This is because the guests are not happy at the time of their visit. Vacation unit owners have a lot of trouble making a reservation or answering any questions they have because the workers at these resorts are not trained to be aware of all the guests.

If your complaint is about the timeshare you purchased with them, it is common that Infinity Luxury does not have an immediate response for you. This resort does not answer your questions about these units, and that takes away from the quality of its customer service.

Frauds with Timeshares

Timeshares are a double-edged sword. They are a privilege when vacationing, but it is a very big economic burden. Unfortunately, timeshare scams are more common when the owner seeks to get out of the timeshare, and they are not well-informed. Owners have several ways to get out of their timeshare:


All owners consider selling as their first option to get rid of their timeshare. Unfortunately, they don't know that the resale market is the most dangerous because of fraud. Many companies that buy or sell timeshares are shell companies that deceive owners desperate to get rid of their units.

These companies use different ways to convince you to give them your timeshare. One of the tactics they use is to offer you a higher amount for the price of your timeshare, they promise to pay you that amount once you give them the rights to your unit and pay for the service in advance. This is a sign of fraud.


This option is not easy because it is not easy to find an organization that accepts such a great responsibility. The organizations do not have the resources to pay the expensive maintenance fees and do not have how to use the unit.


Canceling your timeshare is the best option for anyone who wants to get rid of it completely. Resorts like Infinity Luxury convince you that once the 5 business days have passed, after signing your contract, you will not be able to cancel it anymore. This is completely false.

A timeshare contract can be canceled. To cancel your timeshare contract, you must know about it. This contract is a contract like any other, legal.

To cancel a legal contract, you must seek help from professionals on the subject. In Mexico, there are many companies dedicated 100% to timeshares. These types of companies have professionals who have more than 20 years of experience.

As already mentioned above, there is a lot of fraud in the industry. So, to be careful not to be a victim, it is necessary to be aware of the red alerts that characterize a shell company.

  • They ask for payment in advance
  • They make constant calls to you, increasing their offer with each call
  • They don't have any contact
  • They do not have an informative website
  • They do not have reviews, comments, or evaluations on other websites
  • They are aggressive when trying to convince you
  • They request information about your contract immediately

If you already suspect a company for any of these reasons, do not share personal information or about your contract, nor use any type of agreement since it is evidence that you agree with their offer.

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