Royal Villas

Legal name
Inmobiliaria del Mar, S.A. de C.V.
Sales locations
Jim Nolan

Common Complaints:

  • Salesperson promises that they can rent out their weeks for over 4 times the price of the maintenance fee.

  • Guarantee that they will resell or trade in a previously owned timeshare.

Royal Villas Reservations:
Toll Free USA: 1 800 898 35 64
Toll Free México: 01-800-696-7000
Resort:: 011 52 66 99 16 61 61 al 70
Fax:011 52 6699 1407 77

What clients say

I called Mexican Timeshare Solutions with hopes of getting my contract cancelled with my credit score unaffected. Mexican Timeshare Solutions did better than that, within 2 months they had the contract cancelled and 100% of my money was returned to me. I was amazed at the timely manner in which they resolved my dilemma. Also, I paid no money for their services until the money was returned to me, job complete. They worked for me on a contingency plan. If they were unsuccessful, I would pay nothing.
July Syms | Royal Elite Timeshare scam victimView more testimonials
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