Royal Holiday Timeshare Cancellation Testimonial - Donnie & Linda

My wife and I own 7 properties with Marriott and 1 with Hyatt we thought we knew the in&outs of the fractional ownership process.

Apparently purchases in Mexico don't comply with the honest dealings we had with reputable companies like before.

While in Cabo we purchase a fractional at Royal Holiday. The process was smooth and effortless.

It wasn't until after we returned to the states that things started getting "fishy". Thank God for MTS as they worked our resolution and not only got our deal cancelled which saved our excellent credit rating; but they also were able to retrieve our almost 10k deposit. MTS staff was always available to handle my concerns and I can't imagine going through the process without them.

MTS, you are a testament to honest companies that work with a vision of integrity!

Royal Holiday-I wish you could have done the same.

Royal Holiday timeshare cancellation testimonial by Donnie & Linda

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