Torrenza Timeshare Cancellation Testimonial-Mike & Cindy

While vacationing in Mazatlan, Mexico early in 2009, we made the mistake of purchasing a timeshare week at the resort. The only reason we agreed to purchase the timeshare is the sales staff guaranteed to sell the timeshare we currently owned for a price nearly matching the purchase price of the week at Torrenza. A Management Company representing the resort agreed to sell our timeshare.

After several months and many phone calls and letters to both the Management Company and Torrenza - without a single response, we realized that "we’d been had".

We found the website for Mexican Timeshare Solutions while searching "timeshare scams" online.  At first, we were very skeptical and hesitant to work with a law firm located out of the country. After several communications (by email and phone) with Jose Gonzalez and staff, we were satisfied that they were legit. We contracted with the firm to cancel our timeshare contract with Torrenza and recover as much of the purchase price as possible.

Within a few weeks, the firm was able to cancel our contract with Torrenza and recover the entire purchase price we had paid up front. We were very satisfied with the professionalism and constant communication we received from Mexican Timeshare Solutions.  We would recommend their services to anyone who feels they purchased a timeshare under deceptive means.

Mike & Cindy

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