NH Krystal Timeshare Cancellation Testimonial-Bill S.

I and my wife left the airport for our 10th anniversary. Our travel down to Puerto Vallarta was a long one. We were tired but happy to be on vacation, just the two of us. When we got thru customs, we were surrounded and accosted by many people. In a very tired state we agree to go to a 75 minute timeshare presentation.

On Monday, we arrived at the meeting place, we were received by someone who sat down with us for a free breakfast, he told us the 75 minutes was Mexican time, meaning it was a bit longer, but not much.

Our salesman was very charismatic and fast talking and full of knowledge, when it came down to the price he said we were very lucky to have him; he knew an excellent way to create money, (Rental program) silly enough, we believed the rental speech. After 5 hours of presentation, they got the contracts and somehow we sign them, we were tired and they made everything sound good.

When we got home, I started doing some research on the internet, and I found out a lot of people were scammed in the same way using the same techniques. I called customer service and asked for a detailed explanation of the facts and the custumer representative told me to stick to the contract; that no verbal promises were part of the written contract. That the rental program was not guaranteed and that I should not put my expectations on the rental program, that I should rather use my membership for the enjoyment of our family.

“Wait a second” I said, “The only reason we purchased was for the rental investment! We told that to the salesman!”

Then, the customer service representative implied that we were dumb for not reading the contracts and question whether we were saying the truth. That all the sales people were committed to telling the truth to clients.

I had enough! While searching for a way to come out of it successfully, we got a break when we found out a testimonial from a person scammed by another timeshare place who got her money back by hiring Mexican Timeshare Solutions. We got in touch with them and decided to use their services. My wife wasn’t sure about it but, hey, when you are $8,000 down, you need to try anything.

Luckily enough, we were able to cancel our debt (stop the collection company from harassing us), get our money back and prevent ourselves from making more payments to a “black hole”.

I recommend everyone who reads our testimony not to go to timeshare presentations; to avoid them as much as possible. I know not every company is the same but do not jeopardize your money to see if works or not, especially in this times of crisis.

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